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Libraries' Help & FAQ

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Searching and Finding... Articles FAQ

How do I find articles on a topic?

How do I find a specific article?

How do I find peer-reviewed/scholarly articles?

The article I want doesn't have a link to the full-text in the database. How can I obtain the article?

What does Find It @ BALL STATE do?

How can I locate the text of articles while browsing the web?

Searching and Finding... Books FAQ

How do I find a specific book by title?

How do I find a specific book on the shelf by call number?

How do I find books on my topic?

How can I limit my results to ebooks?

Searching and Finding... Dissertations FAQ

Where can I find dissertations and theses in the University Libraries?

How do I search for dissertations written by Ball State students?

Searching and Finding... Search Results FAQ

How can I broaden my database search to find more results?

How can I narrow my database search to find fewer results?

Searching and Finding... More FAQ

What is OneSearch?

Where can I get help formatting my reference citations properly?

What is Interlibrary Loan?

What are DOIs and PMIDs?