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APA Style Citations

Visit this guide to find examples of APA style citations for your reference list and information about in-text citations.

Company profiles, market reports, and other business sources

The following examples are based on Appendix 10.4 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, pp. 329-330, and examples from the APA Style Blog.


Report author 

Find out if the report was created by an individual analyst. If the report provides the name of analyst, list them as the author.

If not, use the name of the publisher or organization for the author.

Retrieval Date 

Provide a retrieval date within the source element only when listing work that is likely to change over time (e.g., Google Maps, U.S. Census Bureau).

Database URL

Include URL only when it is necessary for the viewer to access work from that specific archive. 

Adding descriptions for gray literature items

Some types of items, such as government reports, research reports, codes of ethics, press releases, and policy briefs are part of a category of sources called "gray literature."  These items may include original research but are not published in the formal manner of sources like journal articles. APA style recommends describing the type of item in brackets [ ] after the title of the item for gray literature sources. You will notice this in the examples for "Standard & Poor's stock reports," "ReferenceUSA," and "Nexis Uni Company Dossier" below.

More information about gray literature can be found within Section 10.4 on p. 329 of the APA Manual, 7th edition.

Data Axle Reference Solutions Company Profiles (For organizations with multiple locations in state)


(Infogroup, 2021)

Reference list:

Infogroup. (2020, September). Ford Motor Company (1 American Road #904, Dearborn, MI). Data Axle Reference Solutions. March 30, 2021.

 *Address is included to help distinguish location for companies that have more than one site in the state

Data Axle Reference Solutions Company Profiles (For organizations with one location in state)


(Infogroup, 2021)

Reference list:

Infogroup. (2020, June). Indiana Statehouse-Tour Office [Company Profile]. Data Axle Reference Solutions. Retrieved March 30, 2021, from

Standard & Poor's Stock Reports


(Standard & Poor’s, 2020)

Reference List:

CFRA. (2020, August 23). The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated [Stock report]. S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage.

Standard & Poor's Industry Survey


(Glickman, 2020)

Reference list:

Glickman, S. (2020, January). Energy Equipment & Services. CRFA. S&P Capital IQ NetAdvantage.

Mintel Reports report section

In text:

(Kamp, K., 2019)

Reference list:

Kamp, K. (2019, August). Fruit - US. Mintel.

Business Source Complete Company Profile


(MarketLine, 2020)

Reference list: 

MarketLine. (2020, January 23). Volkswagen AG. Business Source Complete. 

Gale Directory Library: Market Share Reporter


(Gale, 2020)

Reference list: 

Gale. (2020). Adult Fiction Book Sales, 2018. In R. S. Lazich & V. L. Burton, III (Eds.), Market Share Reporter (30th ed.).

Nexis Uni Company Dossier


(LexisNexis, n.d.)

Reference list: 

LexisNexis. (n.d.). Klipsch Group Co. [Company profile]. Retrieved September 7, 2020, from