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APA Style Citations

Visit this guide to find examples of APA style citations for your reference list and information about in-text citations.


Reference list entries for books are usually straightforward. Ebook entries use the same format as that of physical books, except they include the added URL link or DOI information. Note the format for a chapter in an edited book includes the chapter title listed first, and then the title of the entire book in italics. 


Edition information 

Any edition information that is associated with the book should be placed in parentheses after the title, with no italics. 


If the book includes a DOI or URL place it after the publisher name.

If the book does not contain either, end the reference after publisher's name.


The abbreviation "(Ed.)" is used for books with one editor and "(Eds.)" for multiple editors. "Ed." or "Eds." follows the editor names with a period after the last parentheses.  


The citation for most ebooks will be identical to the citation for the physical book. The fact that it is an electronic book does not need to be noted. However, if the ebook edition is different from the physical edition (for example, if it is abridged), then include [eBook edition]. after the book title.   

Author is the same as the publisher 

In cases where a group author is the same as the publisher, there is no need to repeat the name as the publisher at the end of the citation. For example, see "Book that is a special or later edition" example below. American Psychological Association, as both the group author and publisher, does not need to be repeated at the end of the citation. Find out more on the APA website



(Adeyemi, 2018, p.45)

Reference List:

Adeyemi, T. (2018). Children of blood and bone. Henry Holt and Company.



(Ogden, 2005)

Reference List:

Ogden, J. (2005). Fractured Minds: A Case-Study Approach to Clinical Neuropsychology [eBook edition]. Oxford University Press. 

Edited book chapter


(Nikolas et al., 2016, p. 31)

Reference list:

Nikolas, M., Markon, K., & Tranel, D. (2016). Psychopathology: A Neurobiological Perspective. In J.E. Maddox & B.A. Winstead (Eds.), Psychopathology: Foundations for a contemporary understanding (4th ed., pp. 27-58). Routledge.

Illistrated book


(Barrett, 2019, p. 4)

Reference list:

Barrett, H. (2019). What miss Mitchell saw (D. Sudyka, Illus.). Beach Lane Books.


Book review


(Njoku, 2017, p. 10)

Reference list:

Njoku, E. (2017). Thomas, Angie: The hate u give. [Review of the book The hate u give, by A. Thomas]. The Horn Book, Inc.

Translated book


(de Cervantes, 1605/1971)

Reference list:

de Cervantes, M. (1971). Don Quixote: The Knight of La Mancha. (M. Church, Trans.). New York University Press. (Original work published 1605)

Book that is a special or later edition (not the first edition)


(American Psychological Association, 2020, p. 20)

Reference list:

American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association: The official guide to APA style (7th ed.). 

Dictionary entry


(Merriam-Webster, 2020)

Reference list:

Merriam-Webster. (2020). Compunction. In Merriam Webster’s collegiate dictionary (10th ed., p. 275). 

Religious work


(The Tanakh, 1917)

Reference list:

The Tanakh. (1917). Jewish Virtual Library.