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APA Style Citations

Visit this guide to find examples of APA style citations for your reference list and information about in-text citations.


APA 7th Edition also gives helpful guidance on citing websites. Note: If content you want to cite is found on a website but fits within another source category (perhaps it's a government report or an article, for example) follow the citation guidelines for that specific source category and not for general websites. 




If author and publisher happen to be the same, omit the publisher section.


News websites 

It is important to note that articles retrieved from websites that contain daily or weekly newspapers follow a different format than articles retrieved from news websites without a serialized papers like CNN and BBC News.

To cite articles from newspaper websites such as Wall Street Journal or The New York Times, look under "News articles" within the "Magazine, news, and other articles" tab.

Wikipedia articles 

Always cite the archived version of the Wikipedia page you used, since pages are constantly edited. To do this, select the "View history" tab on the Wikipedia article page and select the time/date of the version you used. Then, the URL you copy will be a permanent link to that version. 

Note: Wikipedia articles are great for gathering background information and ideas as you begin your research, but they are not usually suitable sources for citing in the final paper. Check in with your professor if you have questions.

Webpage on a news website


(Willingham & Elkin, 2018)

Works cited list:

Willingham, AJ, & Elkin, E. (2018, June 22). There's a severe shortage of mental health professionals in rural areas. Here's why that's a serious problem. CNN.

Webpage without publication date


(RAINN, n.d.)

Reference list:

RAINN. (n.d.). Safety Tips for Traveling.

Webpage on a website with an organizational author


(World Health Organization, 2019)

Reference list:

World Health Organization. (2019, October 23). Adolescent mental health.


Webpage on a website with an individual author


(Morell, 2020)

Reference list:

Morell, V. (2020, June 15). Hummingbirds can see colors we can’t even imagine. National Geographic.

Online dictionary entry


(Merriam-Webster, n.d.)

Reference list:

Merriam-Webster. (n.d.). Gourmand. In dictionary. Retrieved June 13, 2020, from



(“July Crisis," 2020)

Reference list:

July Crisis. (2020, May 26). In Wikipedia.