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APA Style Citations

Visit this guide to find examples of APA style citations for your reference list and information about in-text citations.

Magazine, news, and other articles

Non-academic articles range from pages on news websites to blog entries. These diverse sources are cited in a similar manner, with citations including the specific article title, the title of the source where it was found, and a link if the item was found online. 



If the article, magazine article, or news article contains a DOI or URL, include it at the end of the reference.

If the article does not contain either, end the reference after the page range. Learn more about the use of DOIs and URLs on this page of the APA Style website. 

Missing volume/issue/page numbers

If the article does not have volume, issue, or page numbers, omit them from the reference as well. For more about missing information, see this page on the APA Style website. 

Screen names

If a blog, social media, or online forum post author or comment author has a screen name only, use the screen name in the in-text and References page citation. Follow capitalization as used in the online post. If the real name of the author is known, inlcude the real name followed by the screen name in brackets [ ] . See examples below under Blog and Blog post comment, and find out more on this page of the APA Style website. 

Magazine article


(Nosrat, 2019, p. 20)

Reference list:

Nosrat, S. (2019, June 11). How to make perfect sweet potatoes every time. The New York Times Magazine. 


News article


(Slabaugh, 2020)

Reference List:

Slabaugh, S. (2020, June 5). Local Health Dept releases 'Wear a Mask' music video. Muncie Star Press.\

Webpage on a news website


(Willingham & Elkin, 2018)

Works cited list:

Willingham, AJ, & Elkin, E. (2018, June 22). There's a severe shortage of mental health professionals in rural areas. Here's why that's a serious problem. CNN.

Blog post


(Ostrom, 2017)

Reference list:

Ostrom, L. [lindsay]. (2017, May 9).  The best soft chocolate chip cookie. Pinch of Yum.

Blog post comment


(janice, 2018)

Reference list:

janice. (2018, October 8). Question: my family will need way more than 12 cookies at a time. Doubling the recipe okay? [Comment on the blog post "The best of chocolate chip cookies"]. Pinch of Yum.