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Tests and Measurements

Step by step instructions on how to find the best test or measure for your project and how to find the full text of tests.

Finding the full text of tests and measures

Try out the following processes if you know the name of the test you want, but you don't have the full test instrument. 

Some full text instruments are available for free: See the "Tests that are available for free online" section for more details.

Most tests, unfortunately, are not available for free online. However, some can be found in published books. These books may be in the Ball State Libraries or may be Interlibrary Loaned from other universities. Take a look at the resources below to find out how to look up your test. 

Use the TMdb to find your test in a published book

The University of Texas Arlington has put together a helpful online resource where you can look up your test and find out if it has been published in a book. 

  • A list of more than 100 book collections of tests can be found at the TMdb website 
  • The quick search options, unfortunately, no longer work from this page.
  • However, you may search do a specialized Google search to search only the TMdb website for particular keywords.
    • For example, to find tests or measures about anxiety:
      • Go to
      • Paste this into the search box: site:   
      • Then, add your keywords. In this case, anxiety.

  • The results you get will mostly be results of tests that include the word anxiety.
  • Select one of the results
  • The database is set up so that the first title you see at the top of the page is the full book title, and the titles below that are the individual tests included in that book collection. 

Screenshot of TMdb webpage showing the full book collection title at the top followed by a list of all the test instruments included in the book.

Find the book

Now you will need to find the book that has the test instrument. You'll check to see if Ball State has the book. If not, you can Interlibrary loan request the item to be sent from another library. 

  • In the TMdb, in the listing of the book you want, you will see the phrase "FIND THIS BOOK IN A LIBRARY NEAR YOU" 

  • There is a small box that comes up that asks if you would like to “Go to” or “Stay on” Important: Select “Stay on” and click on Continue. 

  • If you do not see Ball State first on the list of Libraries under "Find a copy in the library," Ball State does not have the book.

  • If Ball State does not have the book, you will need to click on "Request via interlibrary loan"  

  • You will be taken to BSU's Interlibrary Loan system. 

  • If you’ve never done a request before, sign in and fill out the registration form. You’ll then be taken to a page where you see a book request filled out. Select the options you want and then click on Submit.

  • The book should be delivered to the pickup library you chose in 1-2 weeks. 

If BSU does have the book:

  • Click on MultiLink BSU

  • Get the location information and come to the library to get the book