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Refining and Limiting Searches

There are several ways to limit and refine your search results. Options are listed on the left side of the results list.

These options for limiting and refining are context-sensitive and options for limiting are determined by your search terms and any previous limits you have set.

The first set of limits at the top of the screen are the same across all search types and allow you to make important choices about what OneSearch results you will see.

You can use this area to limit your search to online titles, scholarly publications, or items owned by our libraries (library catalog).  




As you scroll down, you'll see additional limits in the left-hand column, including language, content type, library location, subject terms, and publication date.  You can click on a limiter to say that you want to only find entries with that characteristic.  Or you can exclude entries with that characteristic by clicking on the X by "Exclude this item."