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SPCE 290: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Provides specific suggestions to help with assignments requiring research in SPCE 290.

What you need to do...

The "research" part of this assignment:

"Search the internet for technology based treatments used specifically for individuals with ASD. Specifically, identify and describe two to three different types of technology you found that are being used to treat individuals with ASD.... Provide the link to the website discussing the technology."

Decide where to search

This assignment specifically asks you to use the Internet.   Unlike your other assignments, which have focused on your finding articles, you need to find a web site for this one.

I'd recommend using Google, but if you have another favorite search engine, go for it.

Choose your search terms

Identify the keywords that you need to use in your search.

Some ideas:

  • While Google can deal with searches phrased as a question, it's best to just identify the most important search terms and use those in your search.
  • Consider comparing the search results when you use ASD as one of your search terms, and when you use autism as a search term.

Get the web address

Once you choose a web site to evaluate for your assignment, you'll need to make sure you note down the web address.

As you evaluate the technology recommended on your chosen web site, bear in mind that figuring out who is responsible for the site can help you in evaluating it.  Following any links about the authors or the company or organization behind the web site should give you more of a feel of how credible they are.