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SPCE 290: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders

Provides specific suggestions to help with assignments requiring research in SPCE 290.

What you need to do...

The "research part of this assignment:

"You will need to find an article published in a newspaper.  The article must have been published within the last two years."

"...Did the article accurately represent published research (e.g., symptoms of ASD, prevalence of ASD, behavior displayed by individuals with ASD, etc.) or did the article make general or inaccurate statements.  Be sure to support your statements with citations."

Choose your database

While Google can help you search for newspaper articles, you'll be able to search across a number of reliable newspaper sources if you use the news databases on the Ball State Libraries' web site.  (And remember, the Libraries' homepage really should be your default starting point when doing research for your classes!)

Here are a couple to choose from:

Choosing search terms to find the newspaper article

You could keep your newspaper article search very broad, by just searching on


AND research

Or you could get more specific by adding another terms like symptoms, prevalence, or behaviors (or some other term) in a third search box.

Then make sure you set the "Publication Date" limit to the last two years.

Note that in Newspaper Source PLUS (shown here), you can also limit to US Newspapers under "Source Types."

Choosing databases to find support for your statements

As with other assignments, you'll find tht PsycINFO is a top-notch database for you to use to find research on autism spectrum disorders.  You may find it helpful to search these others, as well, all of which are available from the Ball State Libraries' Databases page: