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Science Library

Branch library in CN16

CN16 Floorplan

Cooper Science Complex Floorplans

Need help finding your way around the Cooper Science building? Download the Cooper Science Floorplans (PDF) to see a map of all five floors (Lower Level to 4th Floor).

A quick overview of finding your way around any standardly laid out building. This system does not work for all buildings but it does for Cooper Science:

  • Room numbers correlate with the floor they are on. Rooms in the 100s will be on the first floor, 200s are second floor, 300s third, etc. Two digit room numbers or those beginning with 0 (zero) will be in the basement or lower level.
  • Room numbers along the hallway nearest the main entrance will be smaller than those along the back hallway. Typically, this means front hallway rooms range between 1 and 50 whereas back hallway rooms range from 51-99.
  • Cooper Science is divided into three buildings with separate building codes: CP = Cooper Physical, CN = Cooper Nursing, and CL = Cooper Life. CP is the eastern-most portion, CN the middle portion, and CL the western-most portion closest to Christy Woods containing the planetarium.

Using this knowledge, you can tell that CL473 will be on the 4th floor, back hallway, in the western-most part of the building. CN018 will be in the lower level, along the front hallway, in the middle part. CP 253 will be on the 2nd floor, back hallway, in the eastern part.