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Database Searching Basics (DSB)

How databases store information and the rules they use to retrieve that information vary from database to database but share some very basic premises. Some represent organizational techniques common to all databases (e.g. Boolean operators, stopwords, wildcards, etc.) while others represent less common techniques (e.g. plurals, proximity). The Database Searching Basics (PDF) document represents a general overview of search terminology and strategies that apply to most databases.  To learn the exact search criteria for a given database, find a link labeled help or tips or some other similar variation on providing assistance with using the database (e.g. how to..., searching in..., etc.).

Searching the Collection: OneSearch

Searching the Collection: OneSearch

Use OneSearch to search or browse for any of the items in the collection. If you know the title, enter it in the search box: 

To browse the collection: 

  1. In OneSearch, click the search button without entering search terms.
  2. Limit your search to the Library Catalog.
  3. Use the content type facet on the left to limit your search to the type of material you need (e.g. DVD, book/ebook). OR use the library location facet to limit to a specific library collection (e.g. anatomy models, journals).
  4. Use other facets, such as publication date, genre, subject, or discipline, to further refine your search.
  5. Make note of the call number and find it on the shelf (for books) or bring it to the service counter (for everything else).