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Cardinal Scholar Institutional Repository and Open Access Resources

Why Contribute to Cardinal Scholar?

  • Open access availability for a scholarly work can increase visability, citation, and impact of research.
  • Materials in Cardinal Scholar are highly visable to users of Google, Google Scholar, and other major search engines.
  • Items in Cardinal Scholar are indexed in OneSearch, Ball State University's unified web-scale searching tool.
  • Over 100,000 unique visitors access Cardinal Scholar annually.
  • The Cardinal Scholar ingest form allows contributors to create keywords and descriptive information to make resources more discoverable.
  • Contribution to Cardinal Scholar can help establish a personal online scholarly portfolio. 
  • Open access participation increases the reach of Ball State University's scholarly product.
  • Cardinal Scholar provides the opportunity to host open access journals and publications.
  • Open access publishing accelerates scholarly communication, disseminating research instantly.
  • Electronic preservation measures assure the long-term accesibility and security of materials deposited.