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African American Studies Resources in Archives and Special Collections

Archives & Special Collections preserves a wealth of information on African American history in Muncie and Delaware County. Included in these holdings are published and unpublished materials, manuscript collections, audiovisual materials, and photographs.

Middletown Studies Collection

  • Middletown III was a research project funded by the National Science Foundation from 1976 to 1980 and includes surveys conducted with members of the Muncie African American Community, along with surveys on the other Middletown Studies areas ("Getting a Living," "Making a Home," "Training the Young," "Using Leisure," "Engaging in Religious Practice," and "Engaging in Community Activities")
  • Hundreds of articles have been written about Muncie as Middletown, a representative American community as defined by sociologists Robert and Helen Lynd in their landmark study in the 1920s. Archives and Special Collections has photocopies of many of these articles. The following are ones in the collection that relate to African-American topics.

Beilke, Jayne R. "Educative Role of Domestic Service: African-American Women in
Middletown, 1945-present". Unpublished, part of BSU Center for Middletown Studies Lecture Series.

Blocker, Jack S., Jr. "Black Migration to Muncie, 1860-1930", Indiana Magazine of History, Volume XCII, Number 4, December 1996: 297-320.

Cavness, Max Parvin. "Race Relations". Hoosier Community at War, Social Sciences Series, No. 20 (Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1961)

Dennis, Rutledge. "Black Middletown Journal". VCU Magazine.

Hawes, G. K. "A Door Ajar: Race Relations in Muncie". Academy for Community Leadership.

Sullivan, Michael E. "Racial Integration and Equal Educational Opportunity". Indiana Academy of Social Science Proceedings, 3rd Series, No. 11.