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Games and Gaming

All Games are available in Education, Music and Media located on Bracken Library's Lower Level.

Introduction To Games

Ball State University Libraries have a wide variety of games designed to educate and entertain.

Use the Tabs to the left to navigate through this guide to discover the Games available at Bracken Library.

All Games are available in Education, Music and Media located on Bracken Library's Lower Level.

Friday Night Cardboard @ Bracken Library

Friday Night Cardboard is a “mostly monthly” series of board game events presented on Bracken Library’s lower level from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. on the third Friday of every month when Fall and Spring Semester classes are in session. A selection of tabletop games from the University Libraries’ collection are available, and one featured game is taught by the librarian who hosts the events, Joseph Roberts. Participants are welcome to bring a game of their own to share. 

Although in-person Friday Night Cardboard events are suspended for Fall Semester 2020 as a COVID-19 mitigation measure, we are still featuring a game each month. Check out this month's game spotlight just below! 

Friday Night Cardboard: This month's featured game

Friday Night Cardboard's featured game this month is Dominion, the 2009 Spiel de Jahres (Game of the Year) winner that popularized card-drafting style games. 

Dominion is a fast and simple game for two to four medieval aristocrats, each of whom begins with just three small parcels of land. That's not so impressive as far as fiefdoms go; your place really could use some sprucing up ... Perhaps more and larger parcels of land would do the trick! Of course those other nobles, your opponents, are probably thinking the same thing. You'll have to expand your realm faster and hopefully deal them a few setbacks too. 

Dominion is played entirely with cards - there is no board, nor any dice, tokens, pawns, or other game components. Players start the game with identical decks and use their "treasure" cards to purchase additional cards from a common pool. "Action" cards allow players to perform special actions, some of which will hinder their opponents. "Victory" cards represent additional lands. Players can also acquire more treasure cards. When a player has used the last card in their deck, they shuffle all their cards, including any new ones they obtained since they last shuffled, and deal themself a new hand. As the name implies, victory cards are worth points that will determine the winner of the game. However, players will have to subtract from their totals any "curse" cards they have taken - a fourth card type with a negative value, which players can deal to their opponents through some actions. The game can be played in about 30 minutes. 

Like all the University Libraries' games, Dominion can be borrowed from the Education, Music and Media desk on Bracken Library's lower level. Ask for it by the number "UDC 4612."