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Cardinal Scholar Institutional Repository

Contributing to Cardinal Scholar

To submit to Cardinal Scholar, find the most appropriate community for your work. Once you do, identify the collection to which you would like to contribute. Click "Submit a new item to this collection" and enter all relevant details—more information is always better than less! If you have questions or need assistance, you can also contact a librarian who would be happy to help you make your work available. Consider emailing Micah Gjeltema, Open Content and Digital Publishing Librarian.


If possible, we recommend submitting your content in the following formats, organized by suitability for long term preservation: 


Text • Plain text (encoding: USASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16 with BOM)
• XML (includes XSD/XSL/XHTML, etc.; with included or accessible schema)
• PDF/A-1 (ISO 19005-1) (*.pdf)
• Cascading Style Sheets (*.css)
• DTD (*.dtd)
• Plain text (ISO 8859-1 encoding
• PDF (*.pdf) (embedded fonts)
• Rich Text Format 1.x (*.rtf)
• HTML (include a DOCTYPE declaration)
• SGML (*.sgml)
• Open Office (*.sxw/*.odt)
• OOXML (ISO/IEC DIS 29500) (*.docx)
• Microsoft Word 2007 or newer (*.docx)
• PDF (*.pdf) (encrypted)
• Microsoft Word 2003 or older (*.doc)
• WordPerfect (*.wpd)
• DVI (*.dvi)
• All other text formats not listed
Raster image • TIFF (uncompressed)
• JPEG2000 (lossless) (*.jp2)
• PNG (*.png)
• BMP (*.bmp)
• JPEG/JFIF (*.jpg)
• JPEG2000 (lossy) (*.jp2)
• TIFF (compressed)
• GIF (*.gif)
• Digital Negative DNG (*.dng)
• MrSID (*.sid)
• TIFF (in Planar format)
• FlashPix (*.fpx)
• PhotoShop (*.psd)
• JPEG 2000 Part 2 (*.jpf, *.jpx)
• All other raster image formats not listed
Vector graphics • SVG (no Java script binding) (*.svg) • Computer Graphic Metafile (CGM, WebCGM) (*.cgm) • Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)
• Macromedia Flash (*.swf)
• All other vector image formats not listed
Audio • AIFF (96kHz 16bit PCM) (*.aif, *.aiff)
• WAV (96kHz 24bit PCM) (*.wav)
• SUN Audio (uncompressed) (*.au)
• Standard MIDI (*.mid, *.midi)
• Ogg Vorbis (*.ogg)
• Free Lossless Audio Codec (*.flac)
• Advance Audio Coding (*.mp4, *.m4a, *.aac)
• MP3 (MPEG-1/2, Layer 3) (*.mp3)
• AIFC (compressed) (*.aifc)
• NeXT SND (*.snd)
• RealNetworks 'Real Audio' (*.ra, *.rm, *.ram)
• Windows Media Audio (*.wma)
• Protected AAC (*.m4p)
• WAV (compressed) (*.wav)
• All other audio formats not listed
Video • Motion JPEG 2000 (ISO/IEC 15444-4)??*.mj2)
• AVI (uncompressed/native, motion JPEG) (*.avi)
• QuickTime Movie (uncompressed/native, motion JPEG) (*.mov)
• Ogg Theora (*.ogg)
• MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (*.mpg, *.mpeg, wrapped in AVI, MOV)
• MPEG-4 (H.263, H.264) (*.mp4, wrapped in AVI, MOV)
• AVI (others) (*.avi)
• QuickTime Movie (others) (*.mov)
• RealNetworks 'Real Video' (*.rv)
• Windows Media Video (*.wmv)
• All other video formats not listed
Spreadsheet / database • Character delimited text (ASCII or Unicode preferred):
      • Comma Separated Values (*.csv)
      • Delimited Text (*.txt)
• SQL Data Definition Language
• OOXML (ISO/IEC DIS 29500) (*.xlsx)
• Excel 2007 or newer (*.xlsx)
• OpenOffice (*.sxc/*.ods)
• DBF (*.dbf)
• Excel 2003 or older (*.xls)
• All other spreadsheet/ database formats not listed
Virtual reality • X3D (*.x3d) • VRML (*.wrl, *.vrml)
• U3D (Universal 3D file format)
• All other virtual reality formats not listed
Computer programs • Uncompiled computer program source code (*.c, *.cpp, *.java, *.js, *.jsp, *.php, *.pl, *.py, etc.)   • Compiled / Executable files (EXE, *.class, COM, DLL, BIN, DRV, OVL, SYS, PIF)
Presentation • Convert to PDF/A (*.pdf) • OpenOffice (*.sxi/*.odp)
• OOXML (ISO/IEC DIS 29500) (*.pptx)
• PowerPoint 2007 or newer (*.pptx)
• PowerPoint 2003 or older (*.ppt)
• All other presentation formats not listed

Courtesy Cornell University Libraries