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CAP First Year Program

Research resources for students in the CAP First Year Program.

Keywords for Searches

Keywords for ecoregions include:

  • regions
    ecoregions, biomes, ecosystems, desert, forest, grasslands, savannas, prairies, tundra
  • landforms
    topography, physiography, geomorphology, mountains, hills, valleys, basins, canyons, buttes, plains, steppe
  • geology
    earth science, natural history, rock formations
  • soils
    soil composition, sediment, alluvium
  • water resources
    rivers, lakes, streams, watersheds, aquifers, water table, riparian patterns, ground water, hydrology
  • climate
    temperature, precipitation, rain, wind, sunlight
  • fauna 
    animals, mammals, birds, insects
  • vegetation
    plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, 
  • placenames
    midwest, southeast, northeast, west, southwest, pacific northwest, great lakes, great plains, baja peninsula, baja california, wyoming, gulf coast, texas, sierra madres, sonoran desert, snake river, columbia river, mojave desert, great basin, colorado river, grand canyon, rocky mountains, arizona, utah, chihuahuan desert, southern california,