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LGBTQ+ Resources in Archives and Special Collections

The guide provides an overview of archival resources and other research materials in Ball State University Archives and Special Collections that document the experiences, perspectives, writings, and contributions of LGBTQ+ persons and the LGBTQ+ community


This section of the resource guide contains links to poetry and works of literature held in Ball State University Archives and Special Collections written by LGBTQ+ authors or authors who are non-heterosexual or non-cisgender as well as works of literature and poetry that address LGBTQ+ issues or themes.


Ashbery, John (multiple works)

Boutilier, Nancy (multiple works)

Barnes, Djuna (multiple works)

Bishop, Elizabeth (multiple works)

Bissett, Bill (multiple works)

Blaser, Robin (multiple works)

Bowles, Jane, and Dillon, Millicent. Out in the World : Selected Letters of Jane Bowles, 1935-1970. Santa Barbara, CA: Black Sparrow Press, 1985. Print. 

Bowles, Paul (multiple works)

Capote, Truman. A Christmas Memory. New York: Random House, 1967. Print. 

Cernuda, Luis., and Barnette, W. Douglas. El exilio en la poesia de Luis Cernuda. Ferrol: Esquio, 1984.

Cheever, John (multiple works)

Cocteau, Jean (multiple works)

Coward, Noël (multiple works)

Crane, Hart (multiple works)

Delany, Samuel R. Starboard Wine : More Notes on the Language of Science Fiction. 1st ed. Pleasantville, N.Y: Dragon Press, 1984. Print.

White, Eric Walter, and H. D.  Images of H. D. London: Enitharmon Press, 1976. Print.

Duncan, Robert (multiple works)

Faas, Ekbert. Young Robert Duncan : Portrait of the Poet as Homosexual in Society. Santa Barbara: Black Sparrow Press, 1983.

Field, Edward (multiple works)

Firbank, Ronald (multiple works)

Forster, E.M. (multiple works)

Gide, André (multiple works)

Gilgun, John., and McCurdy, Michael. Everything That Has Been Shall Be Again : the Reincarnation Fables of John Gilgun. St. Paul: Bieler Press, 1981.

Ginsberg, Allen (multiple works)

Goodman, Paul (multiple works)

Gunn, Thom (multiple works)

Howard, Richard. Hellenistics. New York: Red Ozier Press, 1984.

Isherwood, Christopher (multiple works)

Marlatt, Daphne. Our Lives. Carrboro, N.C: Truck Press, 1975.

Maugham, W. Somerset (multiple works)

Merrill, James (multiple works)

Mitchell, J. D. Between Us : a Menifesto. Muncie, Ind: s.n., 2011.

Mitchell, Larry (multiple works)

Morrison-Atkins, Kelsi M. Queer as Faith: Reading our Future through our Past. Muncie, Ind., 2012.

Myles, Eileen (multiple works)

O'Hara, Frank (multiple works)

Rich, Adrienne (multiple works)

Sarton, May (multiple works)

Spicer, Jack (multiple works)

Stein, Gertrude (multiple works)

Welch, Denton. Dumb Instrument : Poems and Fragments. London: Enitharmon Press, 1976.

Wieners, John (multiple works)

Winant, Fran. Looking at Women; Poems. New York: Violet Press, 1971. Print.

Williams, Jonathan (multiple works)

Williams, Tennessee (multiple works)

Woolf, Virginia (multiple works)