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LGBTQ+ Resources in Archives and Special Collections

The guide provides an overview of archival resources and other research materials in Ball State University Archives and Special Collections that document the experiences, perspectives, writings, and contributions of LGBTQ+ persons and the LGBTQ+ community


This research guide highlights resources Ball State University Archives and Special Collections resources that document LGBTQ+ history, community, literature, and cultural perspectives and research materials and creative works relevant to the lived experiences of LGBTQ+ persons. The guide is intended to provide a broad overview of resources on these topics, not an exhaustive list of all relevant materials in Archives and Special Collections.

Included are archival collections (including physical, digitized, and web-based collections), theses and dissertations, and works of literature and poetry.  

The "LGBTQ+" label is a contemporary one that may not have been used by all persons or communities whose works are included or whose experiences and perspectives are documented in this guide. The guide broadly seeks to include the works, records, and archives of persons who were non-heterosexual or non-cisgender. 

Additional information and resources may be found through Ball State University Archives and Special Collections finding aids, the Digital Media Repository, the Cardinal Scholar institutional repository, OneSearch, or the Ball State University Archives and Special Collections web archive project.

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