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Alerts/RSS feeds

Choose a tab and follow the directions for managing your search results.

Citation alerts



Click on the Databases link on the University Libraries website. Under "Databases and Articles", choose W, then Web of Science.

Sign in, link is at the top right (may need to create your account).

Do a search on the topic you're interested in, for example:  men, tenure, challenges. 

Refine results by choosing options on the left.

To save a SEARCH HISTORY:  Click on Search History (upper right), You should see a list of your searches, choose Save History. The button may say Save History/Create Alert. 

 You may also see a Create Alert on the left side of your page after you do a search.  It is the same information as above to save the search.

 If you want an alert for the search, Click on the Create Alert Bell, put in name and description for your search.   


To Create a CITATION Alert: 

Choose which article you're interested in from your result list or from your history, on the upper right is a link to Create Citation Alert, see below. 


Marked List:

This list is for using with a citation manager, not to save alerts of any kind. 


If you want to edit your Saved Searches or Alerts, use the link to My Tools, upper right and get to your Saved Searches and Alerts.  There will be an Edit link on the far right. 

Citation Alerts:

As the articles you've chosen get cited, you'll be emailed those new citations.  If you do not get any alerts, there might not have been any new articles citing those you're interested in or it's time for you to renew your saved searches.  They only last for 6 weeks.  The maximum number of  records emailed is 300.