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Finding Specific Articles

A guide which outlines different ways you can look for the full text of an article for which you have the citation.

Searching your local library for a specific article

The steps for looking for an article you need in your local library will be similar to those for looking it up here at the Ball State University Libraries.  Namely:

  • Find the library's online catalog, bearing in mind that academic libraries are more likely to subscribe to the journal you need for your article.  (The LibWeb list may help you find an online catalog near you.)
  • Search by the title of the journal that your article is in (again, not the title of the article).
  • If your journal title comes up, look at the full record to determine which years the library owns and whether that includes the year you need for your article.
  • Just as at the Ball State University Libraries, your local library may have print or electronic access to your journal.  So you may have to visit your library in person, or you may be able to access your article online.
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions of the librarians.  They will best be able to guide you to your article.