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Civil Rights Resources in Archives and Special Collections

Research guide to resources in Archives and Special Collections pertaining to the history of civil rights in Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana, and beyond.


The Ball State University Libraries Archives and Special Collections preserves a wealth of information on the history of civil rights issues and struggles in Muncie and Delaware County, Indiana. In addition to local history resources and Ball State University records, Archives and Special Collections is also home to collections with state-wide, regional, national, and even international research value. Some of these collections are included here due to their usefulness for researchers of the broader history of civil rights in Indiana and the United States. Included in these holdings are published books, dissertations, theses, manuscript collections, University Archives records, newspapers, photographs, architectural drawings, audiovisual recordings, and online digital collections. 

Please note that this research guide is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all available civil rights resources in Archives and Special Collections, but rather a starting point for further research that may include additional relevant collections and published items not listed here.

1968 Poor People's Campaign photograph 21. Part of Ken Heinen's 1968 Poor People's Campaign Photographs, Archives and Special Collections. Available online in the Ball State University Libraries Digital Media Repository.