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Services: Liaison Program

The University Libraries Liaison program was created to encourage communication between the Libraries and academic departments.  Library liaisons are available to provide subject or assignment-specific research instruction to classes in person or online. The liaison is also available to attend departmental meetings or meet individually with faculty to share information about relevant library services, and resources, and new databases related to their fields, and talk with library representatives about student and faculty research needs. 

Libraries Liaisons

Access Services - Laura Suman
Accounting - Sistinas Stansberry 
Anthropology - Joseph Roberts
Applied Business Studies - Stephen Duecker
Architecture - Amy Trendler
Archivist for Architectural and Design Records - Cody Sprunger
Biology - Kevin Brooks
Center for Information and Communication Sciences - Sistinas Stansberry 
Chemistry - Kevin Brooks
Collections and Resource Acquisition Services - Michael Twigg
Communication Studies - Jim Shimkus
Computer Science - Sistinas Stansberry
Construction Management and Interior Design - Amy Trendler
Copyright and Scholarly Communications Manager - Donald Williams
Counseling Psychology, Social Psychology and Counseling - Charlie Fitzpatrick
Criminal Justice and Criminology - Sistinas Stansberry
Data Science - Sistinas Stansberry
Digital Scholarship Strategist - Jordan Bratt
Early Childhood (ECYFS) - Lisa Jarrell
Economics - Sistinas Stansberry
Educational Leadership - Stephen Duecker
Educational Psychology - Susan Taylor
Educational Studies - Lisa Jarrell
Elementary Education - Lisa Jarrell
English - Joseph Roberts
Environment, Geology, and Natural Resources – Kevin Brooks
Finance and Insurance - Sistinas Stansberry
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Specialist - Lorey Stinton 
Geography and Meteorology - Kevin Brooks
Honors College - Katie Lorton
Information Systems and Operations Management - Sistinas Stansberry
Journalism and Strategic Communication - Jim Shimkus
Kinesiology- Charlie Fitzpatrick
Landscape Architecture - Amy Trendler
Maps Collections Supervisor - Melissa Gentry
Management - Stephen Duecker
Marketing - Stephen Duecker
Mathematical Sciences - Sistinas Stansberry
Media - Jim Shimkus
Metadata and Digital Initiatives - Jim Bradley
Military Science -  Jim Shimkus
Modern Languages and Classics - Katie Lorton
Nutrition and Health Science - Charlie Fitzpatrick
Open Access Publishing and Web Hosting Specialist - Katie Bohnert
Philosophy and Religious Studies - Joseph Roberts
Physics and Astronomy - Kevin Brooks
Political Science - Joseph Roberts
Psychological Sciences - Joseph Roberts
Social Work -  Katie Lorton
Sociology - Joseph Roberts
Special Education  - Susan Taylor
Speech Pathology and Audiology - Susan Taylor
Theatre and Dance - Jackson Harmeyer
University College - Katie Lorton
Urban Planning - Amy Trendler
Women's and Gender Studies - Susan Taylor

For more information about this program, please contact Katie Lorton, the Head of Research and Teaching Services.