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GIS Resources at Ball State University Libraries: Training and Workshops

List of GIS Resources including data, software, training and news.

Classroom Instruction Sessions

The GIS Research Area and Map Collection provides direct course support for any class with a spatial data component or need. Typical support includes:

  • Classroom presentations on Geographic Information Systems catered to course topic.
  • Customized classroom hands-on instructional sessions and related GIS lab assignments.
  • Workshops catered to faculty and staff on software, licensing and data updates.
  • Access to the GIS lab and computers with GIS software to use as a classroom meeting space.
  • One-on-one training for individuals. 

ESRI Academy: Unlimited Access to Self-Paced Learning

Members of the Ball State community have unlimited access to ESRI Academy's web courses and MOOC's with our annual maintenance contract. Log in to the ESRI Academy website using the Enterprise login option, and choose the class that best fits your needs. 

Refer to the eLearning_Higher Planning Guide for ESRI web courses to determine what classes are best suited to your needs.

GIS Workshop Materials

GIS instructional Session Contact

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Angie Gibson
BL 224