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University Archives

Subgroup 04.01 Faculty Papers
RG.04.01.02 Patricia Denker Slide Project
RG.04.01.25 Ester J. Bruner and Ellen Lacey Slide Show Project

Subgroup 04.02 Tenure and Promotion

RG.04.02.01 Biographical Records
RG.04.02.02 Curricula Vitae RESTRICTED
RG.04.02.04 Records RESTRICTED

Subgroup 04.03 Faculty Reports, Publications & Lectures
RG.04.03.06 Emens Distinguished Professorship Lecture
RG.04.03.07 Faculty Research Grants, 1958-1970

Subgroup 04.05 Faculty Governance
RG.04.05.03 Senate Lists and Correspondence, 1951-
Master Planning Committee, Records, 1964 -
Planning Committee, Records, 1958 - 61
Publications and Intellectual Properties Committee

Subgroup 04.06 Faculty and Staff Recognition
RG.04.06.04 President's Medal of Distinction
RG.04.06.06 General Publications & Pamphlets
RG.04.06.07 Biographies of Distinguished Professors, 2001-

Subgroup 04.07 BSU Oral History Project

RG.04.07.01 Ball State Oral History Project #1, 1992-1997
RG.04.07.03 Ball State Faculty Project, mid-1980s