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Virtual Lobby Display: The Census

This virtual lobby display of electronic sources related to the Census coincides with the 2020 Census count beginning this month.


Welcome to the University Libraries virtual lobby display! This display brings together ebooks and articles about the U.S. Census, along with links to resources containing Census data, and databases useful for researching the Census. If you would like to know more about any of the items on this display or have research questions about the Census, use the information on the left side of this page to contact a librarian. And if you need to respond to this year's Census, you can learn how on the U.S. Census Bureau's website

The United States Census images

1940 U.S. Census poster

United States Bureau of the Census. (ca. 1940). It's your America! Help the ten-year roll call [Poster], Retrieved from

Operator using a census machine, circa 1950

[Photograph of a machine operator using a census machine]. (ca. 1950). Retrieved from

Photo of a pitcher showing the populations of the states in 1790

Daderot. (2018). [Photograph of a 1790 U.S. Census pitcher], Retrieved from

A U.S. Census enumerator traveling by dog sled in Alaska in 1940

United States Bureau of the Census. (ca. 1940). Enumeration, Alaska too saw the census enumerator arrive in his dog sled [Photograph], Retrieved from

Dora the Explorer greets families at an event for the Children Count Too campaign in 2010

United States Census Bureau. (2010). [Photograph of Dora the Explorer greeting families at an event for the Children Count Too awareness campaign as part of the 2010 Census], Retrieved from

A census taker speaking with a woman in 1920

National Photo Company. (1920). Taking census, 1920 [Photograph], Retrieved from 

Infographic of the U.S. Census Bureau's plan for the 2020 Census

United States Government Accountability Office. (2015). [Infographic of the United States Census Bureau's plan to take and disseminate the 2020 Census], Retrieved from