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Library Research Mini-Videos

A series of short videos covering topics related to doing library research, focusing on special education.

Learn about library research either by video or in print!

These short videos are intended to help you learn how to find information you need for your studies, whether you're able to come onto Ball State's campus or are located far away.  

  • Sometimes you're looking for a specific article (see Mini-videos on finding articles below).
  • Sometimes you're trying to search for information on a particular topic (see Mini-videos on researching a topic).

If you feel you're a visual learner, watch the videos.  But if you prefer to read in order to learn, the transcript/guides include all the text from the videos as well as screenshots from databases, so they can stand on their own.  Choose the method that works for you!

The examples in these videos focus on topics in special education, but the techniques used apply to any field.

MIni-videos on finding articles

Click here to play the video.

You need to find a certain article to read.  You know the title, the author, the journal name.  Now what?

Sometimes OneSearch doesn't find the full text of an article that you need.  What are your options then?


Can't find the full text of an article using the Multi-Link button? That's when Interlibrary Loan can save the day.

When you're doing a database search and the article you want doesn't have a direct link to the full text, the MultiLink BSU button gives you another option.

Browsing ABA journals to find useful articles (7:10)

If you just want to look through issues of journals in Applied Behavior Analysis, it's just a few clicks.  Also: Learn how to search in your favorite journal for the search terms you're interested in.