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ENG 444 - Professor Huff

This guide will help students gather sources need to complete the Research Project assignment for Professor Huff's ENG 444 course.

What are reference resources?

"Reference resources" are information resources that are intended to be read a portion at a time, as needed. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are great examples. When you want to find an explanation of an unfamiliar concept, you can look it up in an encyclopedia or dictionary, read the part that is about the concept, and then set the encyclopedia or dictionary aside until you need it again. 

The reference resources on this page are good places to find background information about the Gothic, Gothic motifs, and monsters. Reference resources exist in print and electronic formats, but this page contains electronic materials only, due to the ongoing measures in place to restrict the spread of COVID-19, a.k.a. Coronavirus. 

Which search terms to use?

Searching for background information in reference resources usually does not require as many search terms as looking for sources in a journal article database. One or two search terms will do. A researcher interested in vampire tales and legends might try any of the following searches: 


Vampires AND characteristics 

Vampires AND motifs 

Some of the resources on this page will have a single text box for your search terms. To use multiplie terms, connect them with the word "AND." Other resources on this page will have an index or a list of topics that you can browse. 

Reference databases - the Gothic

These two databases are collections encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. Both are useful for researching the Gothic and popular culture too. GVRL tends to include sources that are a few pages in length, whereas ORO's content tends be a few paragraphs in length. 

Individual reference works for researching the Gothic

These are individual online reference works about topics related to the Gothic, the supernatural, etc. The list is not exhaustive, so if you need an encyclopedia or similar resource about your topic, find out on this guide's help and tips page how to get in touch with a librarian.