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Altmetrics, Impact Factors, Scholarship Metrics, and More

Information about journals, resources, altmetrics, etc.


 DataCite  An international community trying to make access to data and citing data easier and reliable.  Uses DOI (Digitial Object Identifiers), provides DOIs for researcher's data.


  A citation manager with free and "for pay" subscriptions.  Provides access to citations in the cloud, on the desktop, and on handheld devices.  Options for collaborations with others privately or in groups is also possible.  See who's citing your work in the Mendeley library.


"OurResearch, formerly known as ImpactStory, is a nonprofit organization which creates and distributes tools and services for libraries, institutions and researchers. The organization follows open practices with their data, code, and governance."


  Free tool to cite, collect and share research sources.  Current, strong advocate for altmetrics.  His website includes resources for code with such tools as FeedVis.  This provides trends in sets of rss feeds. See his CV for articles and slides from a variety of talks he's given. Watch a YouTube video of his presentation at Purdue University.

Here's an interview podcast with Jason from Scholarly Kitchen:


  Bookmarklet for Researchers!  Instant article level metrics for recent papers, instructions for installation.