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Architecture Building Material Samples

Resources related to architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning building materials.

Examples of Revit Files Available

The Building Material Samples Collection has made available Revit files for selected samples in the collection.

If we don't yet have a Revit file for one of our materials samples, ASK us!
Send an email with the name of the material and an image and let us know what you plan to use it for in the project (floor, wall, ceiling, etc.).

Examples of building material samples with Revit files:     


Couch - BLDG MAT 2012-086      Nest - BLDG MAT 2012-018     Bench - BLDG MAT 2010-145 

See all the building material samples in OneSearch that have Revit files available.

How to Access VRC Revit Files

Using our Revit Files - It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Come In & Choose - In the VRC, go to and select the server icon for "3Dobjectlibrary (R)" at a computer workstation. Enter your Ball State University Username and Password. VRC created Revit files can also be accessed by going directly to the 3D Object Library Icon or by copying and pasting the address -- \\\3DObjectLibrary -- into a "file window" address bar.
  2. Download - open file on computer or save it to personal computer or storage device
  3. Present - after Revit Family file is open, click on icon "Load into Project" to insert file as a Revit project component


Rhino & SketchUp Compatibility

Not a Revit User?
Export Revit Files and Import Them Into Rhino or SketchUp Documents!


(Revit 2014 software is available on computers in both the VRC and the Architecture Library)
1.  Open Revit 2014 software and choose Revit file to export
2.  Go to and select "R" icon in upper-left corner of Revit screen
3.  Scroll down to and select "Export"
4.  Select  and use cursor to hover over "CAD Formats" from the top of the "Export" list
5.  From options listed, select the "DWG" option
6.  Once in DWG exporter window, select "..." which will display several tabs. 
     Only two require changes and they are:
    One DWG unit is
         Choose correct units (imperial or metric measurements) for your project here
     Solids (3D views only): 
         Choose to export as ACIS solid
  7.  Click OK and save the file to personal storage device


(Rhino and SketchUp software is available on computers in both the VRC and the Architecture Library)

1Open either Rhino or SketchUp software
2.  Go to "file" tab in top left corner of SketchUp and/or Rhino screen
2.  Scroll down to and click on "Import tab"  to access "browse" feature for file choice
3.  Go to personal storage device and choose the revit file to be imported
4.  Once this is done, Revit file will open in either of the CAD based formats