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Digital Humanities

A showcase of significant digital humanities projects at Ball State and part of the Indiana Digital Humanities Initiative

Indiana Digital Humanities Initiative

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Ball State DH is part of the Indiana Digital Humanities Initiative, which promotes DH work across the state.  This site documents current and past digital humanities scholarship at Ball State and is part of a larger network of DH initiatives from across Indiana. It includes faculty research, DH projects done in classes, digitally-based community engagement work, and examples of the digital collections available in Ball State University Libraries’ Digital Media Repository.  As is often the case at Ball State, our scholarship blends faculty research, student work, and community engagement, and many of our digital humanities projects can easily fit into all three of these categories.  

To learn more about DH projects and events from across the state, visit the Indiana Digital Humanities Initiative homepage.

What is "digital humanities"?

We define digital humanities broadly to include digitally-based work in the core humanities disciplines—history, literature, philosophy, theology and the study of ancient and modern languages—as well as in allied fields in the social sciences and fine arts.  By digital we mean scholarship that involves the use of digital evidence and tools to advance knowledge and enhance scholarly communication.  It includes projects that employ computational methods to analyze texts, statistics, and archival collections, the creation of digital resources, spatial analysis, 3D visualization, and born-digital publishing.  Digital humanities scholarship is often characterized by its collaborative and cross disciplinary nature, as well as by its engagement with both public and scholarly audiences.