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Tech Fair 2019

Canvas Basics

In this 45-minute, hands-on workshop, we will cover the basics of Canvas navigation and organization. In particular, we will highlight course settings and navigation, module development, and content creation. Please do not bring your own computer; we will use the computers in the lab for training.  Don't forget your login and password.


Canvas Advanced

Canvas is updating the functionality of its gradebook. In this session, participants will learn how to manage the gradebook using the assignments tool and explore the new features which include grade override, new analytics, color coding for assignment statuses, filtering, and sorting options. Solution is a self-serviceplatform for Ball State faculty to host a professional WordPress-based website dedicated to research and other professionally focused topics. With, users are able to enjoy the ease of creating and maintaining a WordPress website under the wings of Ball State’s accessible and secure web environment.

Turn Your Videos from Amateur to Professional

Producing videos is a complicated process. Before you even begin shooting, consider what goes into the “pre-production.” Learn about proper lighting, stabilization, and audio practices to enhance your storytelling.

Digital Corps: Tech Solutions for Your Latest Project

Looking for a creative way to engage your audience? The Digital Corps collaborates with faculty and staff on campus to help enhance the student experience through media and technology. Learn more about the Corps, their work, and what solutions they can create with you.

Office 365 Including Outlook/Teams

Microsoft will discuss and demonstrate how Office 365 and Teams can enhance the classroom experience by improving communication and collaboration. 

Preventing Online Exposure

In this session, we’ll cover how to protect your information online utilizing multifactor authentication and data encryption.  This won’t be a highly technical presentation, but more technical questions are welcome.

6 Steps to Better Information Security

As internet users we all have a shared responsibility to protect our personal information.  Did you know that over 95% of all security breaches are caused by human error?  In this session you’ll learn 6 simple steps you can take in helping to keep your data secure.   This session does not require any technical background. 

PrintSmart Solution

In this 30 minute session, you’ll get an update on Ball State office printing.  How does Print Smart fit into your office, save money, and makeyour daily work more efficient?  Learn about the misconceptions, purpose, and upcoming goals. Interested in learning about ways to save on printing? Great! We will provide some practical tips. Come prepared with your questions about how Print Smart can streamline your office.

Can you recognize a Phishing Scam?

As long as email exists, so will email scams.  Phishing scam kits, refined tools and turn-key phishing platforms are all contributors to the increased number and quality of the average phishing scam campaign.  In this session we will review common email scams, including examples of scams reported to Information Security, and how to avoid falling for a scam.  This session does not require any technical background. 

Software Discounts for the BSU Community

This will be a table that someone from the Technology Store will man and have information about all of the discounts that are available for the BSU Community. Including educational discounts, Office, Box, etc.

HelpDesk, TechTime, Technology Store

From online chat, remote sessions, and phone support to in-person assistance with technology, devices, and accessories.... this session will have a representative from each unit that will speak about their area and what resources are available to faculty, staff, and students.

LinkedIn Learning (formally

LinkedIn Learning (LIL)is a freeonline tutorialservice that is provided toBall Statefaculty, staff, andcurrently enrolledstudents.In this session, you will not onlylearn the basics of LIL, but you will also learn how it can assist you with your academics or in the classroom.

Canvas Video Chat Tool

Discover how to use the media recording tool in Canvas to create:  Canvas video is built into Canvas and is accessible almost everywhere in Canvas where you can write --announcements, pages, discussions posts, and in SpeedGrader.

Getting started with provides a secure way to manage and share your content in the cloud. Learn the basics of, including what is the cloud, how to add/edit content and files, how to search for content and how to set folder permissions. best practices will be explained and you can get answers to any questions you may have.

Adobe Creative Cloud Overview

Why you should use Adobe Creative Cloud to drive student success Ball State entered into an exciting university wide agreement with Adobe to help drive university goals and objectives. This impressive addition provides all faculty and staff access to the entire Adobe Creative Cloud and provides all students with access to Creative Cloud applications within our labs or with the option to purchase their own copy at a significantly reduced cost. Adobe will share more about exactly what is available, howto access it, free resources for training, resources for FREE professional development, resources for use cases across all disciplines, and a host of other items you may find useful as we expand the use of Creative Cloud across campus.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Open Educational Resources (OER) are public or openly licensed educational materials for teaching and learning that anyone may freely retain, reuse, revise, remix, and redistribute. From textbooks to assignments to labs, OER offer studentsand instructors new and familiar ways to interact with and contribute to scholarship without the costs or copyright restrictions of traditional materials. In this workshop Micah Gjeltema from the University Libraries will introduce OER, explore their benefits, demonstrate examples, and offer attendees the opportunity to identify OER within their disciplines.

Web Archiving Program

For centuries, archivists, librarians, and historians have worked diligently to preserve valuable archives of culturally significant records and materials to support the study and understanding of history. However, in a culture where the Internet serves a primary role in communicating information in society, archivists face unique challenges to preserve and make accessible these web-based records. In this program Michael Szajewski from Ball State University Archives and Special Collections share about work being done at Ball State University Libraries to preserve websites of relevant local and institutional interest.Attendees will learn the basics of web archiving, how to conduct research using the web archive, and how to contribute original web content to the archive.

University Libraries Research Resources

Join Information Services Librarians for an overview of research toolsand online resources for a range of academic activities.  Topics include:  Course-relate library instruction (online and in-person); collaborations in the use of resources for immersive-learning classes; online tutorials for independent development of research skills; workshops on citation management tools and other research resources; online research guides; librarian roles and class involvement in Canvas, and more. 

Overview of GIS Resources Available from the University Libraries

At Ball State, the GIS Research and Map Collection (GRMC) in Bracken Library, offers a suite of services and support for all geospatial endeavors by our students, faculty and staff. In this session, participants will be shown how to access geospatial software and GIS datasets, obtain individual and online training, and request classroom instructional sessions.

Hands-on Introduction on ESRI Story Maps

Story maps, which combine maps and multimedia content to enable web-based storytelling, are an increasingly popular tool for researchers. They’re being used to communicate complicated analyses, final projects, and even visual resumes. In this workshop, participants will sign up for a Ball State ArcGIS Online account, learn how to search for existing datasets and upload their owndata to create a Story Map using the Map Journal template.

Introduction to Kanopy

Attend this session for an overview of Kanopy, the streaming video service brought to you by the University Libraries. From documentaries, classics, and foreign films, learn about searching, embedding full films and clips in Canvas, and creating playlists.

iPad in the Classroom -Apple

Join us for a special session where an Apple representative will share how iPad can be a powerful, transformational, teaching and learning tool.

  • Learn about tools to create engaging learning materials and presentations
  • Discover new ways to increase interactivity and access materials, encouraging collaboration in the moment
  • Experience expressing your creative ideas with Apple Pencil -whether painting, sketching, or simply taking notes
  • See examples of educational augmented reality (AR) resources

Mac Productivity and Efficiency-Apple

Join us for a special session where an Apple representative will demonstrate how the features of macOS can help increase productivity, eliminate inefficiencies, and allow you to do more when used across all of your Apple devices.

  • Learn about how to organize your desktop using Stacks, multitask with SplitView, share with AirDrop, and interact with documents using Mark-up.
  • Discover new ways to organize and manage content, collaborate, and access information seamlessly to allow you to focus on being more creative and interactive.
  • Hear about all of the features of iCloud designed to keep your information safe, secure and available only to you, and determine which are best for your personal workflow.