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Special Education

This guide covers the field of special education.

About this Guide

Are you trying to find information about working with special needs children in the classroom? Need ideas for where to begin your search?  You've come to the right spot!

Students taking courses starting with SPCE as well as SPAA will find this guide useful.

How to Use This Guide

While research is not a linear process, where a certain Step 2 has to follow a specific Step 1, if you're unsure how to get started, these steps may be helpful:

  1. Use the "Background Information" pages to find titles which can provide you with terms, names, and dates that can help you to search effectively for more in-depth information.
  2. Read the "Find Articles...on a topic" page so that you have ideas of how to best search on a topic in a library database.  This can really improve your searching skills.
  3. Use the "Find Books" and "Find Articles" boxes to get links to resources to help you delve in and search for more extensive information on your topic.