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Online Resources For Music Study

Subscription and open-access content for the study of both applied and academic music studies.

Manuscripts and Facsimiles of Scores

Facsimiles on the Worldwide Web

British Library


  • Over 15,000 scans of manuscripts from libraries.  Manuscripts are listed alphabetically, but you can use the "Category Walker" to narrow down the results.

Library of Congress

  • Several of the digital collections of the United States Library of Congress Music Division include music manuscripts.

Loeb Music Library

  • Harvard University's Loeb Music Library has digitized some of its many music scores and libretti, viewable online or downloadable as .pdfs.

The Morgan Library & Museum

  • Many of the precious manuscripts held by this New York City landmark have been digitized and made available online.

National Library of Austria


Oral History

Yale University's Oral History of American Music is available via an Aviary Platform.  A separate log on is required for each interview, but access is free and granted automatically: