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Online Resources For Music Study

Subscription and open-access content for the study of both applied and academic music studies.

Online via Ball State Libraries' Subscription

Ball State Libraries subscribes to an online streaming music service called Naxos Music Library.  (You may have to log in if you are off-campus)  The "Resources" Section includes opera librettos and other helpful material.  Type keywords in the main search box, or choose Advanced Search for more limited results:



Other Online Listening Resources

The following sites stream audio recordings of classical music:

  • The National Jukebox is a project of the Library of Congress.  Users can stream historical recordings from the Library of Congress's collection.  The jukebox's first recordings were from the Victor Talking Machine Company.
  • Iowa Quartet / Stradivari Quartet : The faculty string quartet of the University of Iowa from 1960 to 1996.  Performances include some world premieres as well as standard string quartet repertoire.
  • is an ad-supported online streaming service that allows you to store up to 200 tracks in a personal playlist for free.  The main orientation is popular music.
  • Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project at University of California-Santa Barbara.
  • Belfer Audio Archive at Syracuse University
  • Live Music Archive in "lossless" compression formats (better than .mp3), mainly uploaded by popular and rock artists to share their music

Many Professional Performing Organizations have official YouTube channels:


Other Channels of Interest