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Historic Bridges in Indiana

Guide to resources documenting historic bridges and bridge companies in Indiana.

About the Drawings + Documents Archive

The Drawings and Documents Archive is a unique resource dedicated to preserving the history of the built environment in Indiana. Our collections contain over 120,000 original architectural drawings, landscape plans, blueprints, photographs, models and building remnants that document the history of Indiana’s sites and structures.

The archive supports instruction and research in the College of Architecture and Planning through the graduate level in architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, and urban planning. We also support national and international scholars and general researchers interested in the built environment of Indiana.

Historic Bridges in Indiana

This research guide will assist you in searching for archival collections and documentation of historic bridges within the state of Indiana. It is meant for students, faculty, engineers, historians, and casual researchers interested in the state's historic bridges.

Resources include historical photographs, postcards, engineering drawings, reports, surveys, and publications. The guide is organized to enable you to easily access different types of materials and collections. Click through the tabs at the top of the LibGuide to find bridge materials at the Drawings and Documents Archive, other archival collections throughout Indiana, government resources, websites dedicated to bridge research, national resources, and print publications that may be useful to your research.

If you have additional resources to add to this LibGuide please send them to Rebecca Torsell at, Archivist for Architectural Records, Ball State University, who maintains this guide.


Jackson Bridge over Sugar Creek, built 1861, photographed by Wayne M. Weber 1957-1974. The Jackson Bridge is a 207 ft. double Burr truss built by J. J. Daniels. The bridge was officially christened in 1861 using President Andrew Jackson's famous toast, “The Federal Union - It must and shall be preserved.” It is believed to be the longest single span covered bridge in the U.S. in use.  It was the first bridge built in Parke County by Mr. Daniels and the fifth covered bridge built in Indiana. This image is part of the Wayne M. Weber Collection at the Drawings + Documents Archive at Ball State University.