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COMM 201 Exploration of Communication Studies

An introduction to the study of communication for students new to the field. Provides guidelines for being a beginning communication student and scholar.


Welcome to the COMM 201 Exploration of Communication Studies Research Guide!

University Libraries


Communication & Mass Media Complete

Questions to ask when evaluating an article and completing the Research Article Worksheet

  • Was the article published within the last 10 years (i.e., no older than 2011)?

    • hint: Limit To – Publication Date (2011 – 2021)

  • Is the article at least 7 pages long (excluding references)?

    • hint: look at the full text of the article

  • Is the article from a journal associated with the field of Communication Studies?

    • hint: select the journal title next to Source

  • Is it scholarly? Is it peer-reviewed?

    • hint: look at the Source link in the article record

  • Is it evidence-based? Is it research oriented?

    • hint: read the Abstract in the article record

  • What methodology does it employ (qualitative, quantitative, interview, survey, or something else)?

    • hint: read the abstract and also review the Methods section of the article

  • What areas of Communication Studies research relate to this study?

    • hint: look at the Subject Terms inside of the article record for some ideas

  • Have you copied the APA citation for from the article record using the “Cite” feature”?

    • hint: Check the APA guidelines and fix the citation before you submit the assignment.