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SearchSmart Tutorial

About the Quiz

Here are a few things you need to know about the quiz:

1. Students should save their quiz results as a PDF to turn in to you electronically. The quiz results page does not contain the student's name, so it would be best for the student to add their name to the filename they give the PDF.

2. Let students know how they should turn in the saved PDF. For example, should they email you the file or turn it in on Canvas?

The University Libraries does not keep or manage individual quiz scores for students. 

3. Each student should take the quiz one time.

4. Please ask your students to complete the tutorial and quiz before they come to the library for their class session.

Goals of SearchSmart

This tutorial is intended to provide a basic understanding of concepts related to college level research in an academic library before your students visit the library as a class in English 104. Your in-class library instruction session will focus on your particular research assignments and goals. During that session, your librarian will focus on specific library research tools (such as specific databases) to help your students learn the library research skills they need to successfully complete your research assignments.


By completing this tutorial, your students will learn to: 

  • Use library reference resources and concept mapping to explore and narrow their research topics 
  • Think critically about defining authority and evaluating sources
  • Differentiate between primary and secondary sources
  • Describe the peer-review publishing process and identify scholarly and peer-reviewed articles
  • Locate materials, such as articles and books, online and in the library

If you are interested in including this tutorial and quiz in your Canvas site, contact Jennifer at