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Musical Instruments

Specialized information for performers of musical instruments.

Stringed Instruments (General Resources)

Search Oxford Music Online (Specify Grove Music Online to search articles from The Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments)

The Strad magazine: 

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  • 1979-2015 Print Copies. Bound volumes on 2nd Floor; Latest Issues in Current Periodicals, 1st Floor

Repertoire for Strings

Online Resources

May, 2019


Violin article in Grove Music Online (log in required from off campus)

Reference (Subject Search: Violin--Bibliography)

  • The Violin: A Research and Information Guide, by Mark Katz
    ML128 .V4 K38 2006
  • "Violin" in Grove Music Online (log-in required from off-campus)

Violin History (Subject Search: Violin--History)

  • Schoenbaum, David. The Violin: A Social History of the World's Most Versatile Instrument
    ML800 .S326 2013
  • The History of Violin Playing, from its Origins to 1761 and its
    Relationship to the Violin and Violin Music, by David Boyden
    ML850 .B6
  • The Amadeus Book of the Violin: Construction, History, and Music,
    by Walter Kolneder
    ML800 .K6413 1998
  • The Cambridge Companion to the Violin, edited by Robin Stowell
    ML800 .C35 1992
  • Before the Chinrest: A Violinist's Guide to the Mysteries of
    Pre-Chinrest Technique and Style, by Stanley Ritchie
    ML850 .R57 2012
  • Violins of Hope: Violins of the Holocaust, by James A. Grymes
    ML398 .G827 2014

Violin Playing (Subject Search:  Violin--Instruction and Study or Violin--Performance)

  • The Techniques of Violin Playing (with DVD), by Irvine Arditti 
    MT260 .A73 2013
  • The Orchestral Violinist's Companion, by Martin Wulfhorst
    MT266 .W85 2012 (2 volumes)

Violinists (Subject Search:  Violinists--Biography)

Violin Repertoire (Subject Search: Violin Music--History and Criticism)

  • The Canon of Violin Literature: A Performer's Resource, by Jo Nardolillo
    ML128 .V4 N37 2011 (Music Collection Reference)

DVDs (Education, Music and Media Service Counter)

May, 2019


Viola article in Grove Music Online  (Log-in required from off-campus)

Books About Viola & Viola Literature

  • A History of the Viola, by Maurice Riley
    ML900 .R43 (2 volumes)
  • The Early Violin and Viola: A Practical Guide, by Robin Stowell
    ML855 .S79 2001
  • The Viola: Complete Guide for Teachers and Students, by Henry Barrett, 2nd. rev. ed.
    MT280 .B37 1978

Viola Literature (Subject Search: Viola Music--Bibliography)

  • String Syllabus, Vol. 1: Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Alternative Styles, by David Littrell, 2nd ed.
    ML132 .V4 S8 2009 -- Music Collection Reference
  • Viola Syllabus, by the Royal Conservatory of Music, 1994 edition
    ML132 .V36 R69 1994 -- Music Collection Reference
  • Music for Viola, by Michael D. Williams
    ML128 .V36 W53Photograph of Lionel Tertis with his viola
  • The Index of Viola Music, by Wayne Wilkins
    ML128 .V36 W5
  • Literatur für VIola, by Franz Zeyringer
    ML128 .V36 Z5 1976

Technique  (Subject Search:  Viola -- Studies and Exercises)

  • Modern Viola Technique, by Robert Dolejší
    MT285 .D64 (Oversize)
  • Playing the Viola: Conversations with William Primrose, by David Dalton
    MT280 .D34 1988

DVD: Master Class

  • Yuri Bashmet: Playing and Teaching the Viola (1990)
    DVD 12371 (Education, Music and Media Service Counter)


Violoncello article in Grove Music Online (Log-in required from off-campus)

Cello Repertoire (Subject Search:  Cello Music--Bibliography)

Cello Technique (Subject Search: Cello Performance or
          Cello -- Studies and Exercises)

Cellists   (Subject Search: Cellists -- Biography)

DVDs (Education, Music and Media Service Counter)

October, 2020

String Bass

Double Bass article in Grove Music Online (log in required from off campus)

Subject Search:  Double Bass

  • More About the Double Bass, by Raymond Elgar
    ML920 .E42 1987
  • A History of the Double Bass, by Paul Brun
    ML920 .B7813 1989
  • Bass World (Magazine of the International Society of Bassists)
    1996-2005 (Second Floor West)

Technique  (Subject Search:  Double bass--Instruction and study)

  • A Double Bassist's Guide to Refining Performance Practices, by Murray Grodner
    MT320 .G76 2013
  • The Contemporary Contrabass, by Bertram Turetzky
    MT320 .T87 1989
  • The Bass Viol in French Baroque Chamber Music
    ML760 .V565 S2

Online Resources

May, 2019

Plucked String Instruments

Harp (Subject Search: Harp--History)

  • Harps and Harpist, 2nd rev. ed., by Roslyn Rensch
    ML1005 .R43 2007
  • The Harp in the Orchestra, by Beatrice Rose
    MT540 .R67 2002
  • Harp Music Bibliography: Compositions for Solo Harp and Harp Ensemble by Mark Palkovic
    ML128 .H3 P35 1995 (Music Collection Reference)
  • Harp article in Grove Music Online (log in required from off campus

Harp -- Online Resources

Guitar History (Subject Search: Guitar--History)

Guitar Literature

Guitar Performance (Subject Search 

  •  Guide to Playing the Baroque Guitar, by James Tyler
    ML1015 .G9 T956 2011
  • Cambridge Companion to the Guitar,
    edited by Victor Anand Coelho
    ML1015 .G9 C23 2003
  • Acoustic Artistry: Tapping, Slapping, and Percussion Techniques for
    Classical & Fingerstyle Guitar, by Evan Hirschelman
    MT588 .H57 A3 2011

DVDs  (Education, Music and Media Service Counter)

Online Resources

Other Instruments

May, 2019

Historical Instruments & Performance Practice

Performance Practice (General Subject Search: Performance Practice (Music) )

  • Style and Performance for Bowed String Instruments in French Baroque Music, by Mary Cyr
    ML497.2 .C97 2012
  • The Early Violin and Viola: A Practical Guide, by Robin Stowell
    ML855 .S79 2001

Plucked Instruments

  • The Classic Image: European History and Manufacture of the Lyre
    Guitar, 850-1840, by Stephen Bonner
    ML1015.L9 B65  Archives & Special Collections (2nd Floor)
  • Stringed Instruments of Ancient Greece, by Martha Maas
    ML169 .M2 1989
  • Performance on Lute, Guitar, and Vihuela: Historical Practice and Modern Interpretation
    ML1003 .P47 1997
  • Kinyras: The Divine Lyre, by John Franklin
  • ML169 .F73 2015

Bowed Instruments

The Viol / Viola da Gamba

  • The Viol: History of an Instrument, by Annette Otterstedt
    ML927 .V5 O8813 2002
  • Early History of the Viol, by Ian Woodfield
    ML760 .V55 W66 1984
  • Play the Viol, by Alison Crum with Sonia Jackson
    MT338 .C93 1989
  • Performance Practice and Technique in Marin Maris'
    Pièces de viole, by Deborah Teplow
    MT145 .M37 T4 1986
  • A Handbook of French Baroque Viol Technique, by John Hsu
    MT338 .H78
  • Published Music for the Viola da Gamba and Other Viols, by Robin De Smet
    ML128 .S7 D48 (Music Collection Reference)
  • The Viola Da Gamba: Its Origin and History,
    Its Technique and Musical Resources, by Nathalie Dolmetsch
    ML760 .D64 1968
  • Viola da Gamba article in Grove Music Online (log in required from off campus)
  • Viol article in Grove Music Online

May, 2019

String Instruments of Asia

Guitar Explorer: A Guitarist's Guide to the Styles and Techniques of Ethnic Instruments from Around the World
MT 588 .H47 G8 2010

China (Subject Search:  Musical Instruments--China)

Japan (Subject Search: Musical Instruments--Japan)

  • The Koto: A Traditional Instrument in Contemporary Japan, by Henry Johnson
    ML1015 .K68 J64 2004
  • Composing for Japanese Instruments, by Minoru Miki
    MT58 2008
  • Tegotomono: Music for the Japanese Koto, by Bonnie Wade
    ML340 .W23
  • The Kumiuta and Danmono Traditions of Japanese Koto Music, by WIllem Adriaansz
    ML340 .A37
  • The Study of Shamisen, by Toyo Ongaku Gakkai
    ML1015 .S52 S5 1958
  • "Japan: Instruments and Genres" article in
    Grove Music Online (log in required from off campus)


May, 2019

Stringed Instruments to Check Out (Educational Technology)

Historical Instruments

Lyre:  UDC 2515

American Instruments


  • ​Akamba (Gourd Harp), Kenya:  UDC 3740
  • Valiha Harp (Bamboo Harp), Madagascar:  UDC 3743



May, 2019