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Musical Instruments

Specialized information for performers of musical instruments.


Trumpet article in Grove Music Online (Log-in required from off-campus)

Trumpet History (Subject Search: Trumpet History)

  • The Trumpet, by John Wallace
    ML960 .W35 2011
  • Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to
    Trumpet History and Literature, by Elisa Koehler
    ML960 .K64 2014

Trumpet Technique (Subject Search Trumpet--Studies and Exercises 
or Trumpet--Instruction and Study)

  • Buzz to Brilliance: A Beginning and Intermediate Guide toTrumpet Playing, by Adrian Griffin
    MT440 .G75 2012
  • Trumpet Technique, by Frank Campos
  • MT440 .C35 2005
  • The Art of Trumpet Playing, by Keith Johnson
    MT440 .J65
  • Basic Guide to Trumpet Playing, by Byron Autrey
    MT440 .A8

Jazz Trumpet



May, 2019

French Horn

Horn  article in Grove Music Online (log-in required from off-campus)

Subject Search for Library Materials:  Horn (Musical Instrument)

Books about the History and Repertoire of the Horn

Subject Search:  Horn Music--Bibliography

Technique (Subject Search: Horn (Musical Instrument) -- Studies and Exercises or
        Horn (Musical Instrument) -- Methods)

  • The Art of French Horn Playing: A Treatise on the Problems and Techniques
    of French Horn Playing, by Philip Farkas
    MT422 .F37x
  • Mastery of the French Horn: Technique and Musical Expression,
    by Michael Höltzel
    MT425 .H64 2006
  • Playing the Horn: A Practical Guide, by Barry Tuckwell​
    MT422 .T8
  • A Modern Method for the French Horn, by Lorenzo Sansone
    MT422 .S26 M6 1961 (2 vols.)

May, 2019


"Trombone" in Oxford Music Online (Log-in required from off-campus)

Books about the Trombone (Subject Search:  Trombone)

The Trombone: Its History and Music, 1697-1811, by David Gulon

The Soloistic Use of the Trombone in Eighteenth Century Vienna, by Robert Wigness

The Trombonist's Handbook: A Complete Guide to Playing and
Teaching the Trombone, by Reginald Fink

Trombone Technique (Subject Search Trombone--Studies and Exercises
           or Trombone--Methods)

The Trombone Player's Survival Guide, by Allan Kaplan & Norwood Yamini

Daily Routines for the Student Trombone Player, 2nd ed., by David Vining

Daily Routines: For Tenor Trombone, 3rd ed., by David Vining


May, 2019

Tuba / Euphonium

Read the "Tuba" article in Grove Music Online (log-in required from off campus)
Read the "Euphonium" article in Grove Music Online (log-in required from off campus)
Read the "Ophicleide" article in Grove Music Online (log-in required from off campus)

Tuba Music  Subject Search Tuba Music -- Bibliography

Tuba Source Book, by Morris R. Winston

Tuba History

The Wagner Tuba: A History, by William Melton

May, 2019

Historical Instruments

  • The Keyed Trumpet and Its Greatest Virtuoso, Anton Weidinger, by Reine Dahlqvist
    ML960 .D25
  • History of the Trumpet of Bach and Handel, by Werner Menke
    ML960 .M45 1972
  • The Music and History of the Baroque Trumpet
    Before 1721, 2nd. ed. by Don Smithers
    ML960 .S63 1988
  • The Last Trumpet: A History of the English Slide Trumpet,
    by James Brownlow
    ML960 .B76 1996
  • The Wagner Tuba: A History
    ML955 .M45 2008
  • The Early Horn: A Practical Guide, by John Humphries
    ML955 .H86 2000
  • The Horn in Early Eighteenth-Century Dresden: The Players and their Repertory, by Thomas Hiebert
    ML955 .H53 1989A
  • The Horn and Horn-Playing, and the Austro-Bohemian Tradition from 1680-1830
    ML955 .F58