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Musical Instruments

Specialized information for performers of musical instruments.

Oboe & English Horn

Search RILM Abstracts of Music Literature for Oboe as a subject (Log-in required from off-campus)

Oboe article in Grove Music Online (Log-in required from off-campus)

Reed-Making (Subject Search: Oboe Reeds)

  • Anderson, Valarie.  Gouge, Shape, and Scrape:
    A Complete Guide to the Oboe Reed
    ML941 .A53 2009
  • Ledet, David.  Oboe Reed Styles: Theory and Practice (1981)
    ML941 .L4 
  • Light, Jay.  The Oboe Reed Book (1983)
    ML941 .L53 1983

Technique  (Subject Search: Oboe -- Instruction and Study)

  • Oboe Secrets:  75 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Oboist and English Horn Player, by Jacqueline Leclair.
    MT360 .L43 2013
  • Rothwell, Evelyn.  Oboe Technique, 3rd ed.
    MT360 .R8 1982
  • Schuring, Martin.  Oboe: Art & Method
    MT360 .S38 2009
  • Van Cleve, Libby.  Oboe Unbound: Contemporary Techniques, rev. ed.
    MT360 .V35 2014

English Horn 

English Horn: articles in English via RILM (Log-in required from off-campus)

  • Soloistic English Horn Literature from 1736-1984, by William Wallace McMullen 
    MT128 .O2 M3 1994  (Music Collection Reference)
  • Oboe Secrets:  75 Performance Strategies for the
    Advanced Oboist and English Horn Player, by Jacqueline Leclair
    MT360 .L43 2013

May, 2019

Flute & Piccolo

Flute article in Grove Music Online (Log in required from off campus)

Reference Books in the Music Collection

  • A Dictionary for the Modern Flutist, by Susan Maclagan
    ML102 .F58 M33 2009
  • Repertoire Catalogue: Piccolo, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, by Peter van Munster
    ML128 .F7 M86 2004
  • A Handbook of Literature for the Flute, rev. ed., by James Pellerite.
    ML128 .F7 P4 1965
  • Flute Music by Women Composers: An Annotated Catalog, by Heidi Boenke
    ML128 .F7 B6 1988
  • Flute Music of the 18th Century: An Annotated Bibliography by Frans Vester
    ML128 .F7 V46 1985
  • A Guidebook to Flute Choir Literature, by Carol Noe
    ML128 .F7 N64 1996
  • Flute Syllabus: The Royal Conservatory of Music
    Official Examination Syllabus (1992 ed.)
    ML132 .F7 R3 1992

Books About the Flute & Piccolo

​Flute Technique (Subject Search: Flute--Instruction and Study)

  • The Flutist's Handbook: A Pedagogy Anthology,
    by the National Flute Association
    MT340 .F59 1998
  • Flute for Dummies, by Karen Moratz
    MT348 .M64 2010
  • Flute Technique, by Gareth Morris
    MT340 .M73 1991
  • The French Flute School, 1860-1950, by Claude Dorgeuille
    ML937 .D67 1986
  • The Pedagogical Techniques and Methods of Flutist
    William Montgomery, by Linda Kirkpatrick
    MT340 .K57 2006
  • Alternative Fingerings for the Flute, by Néstor Herszbaum​
    MT340 .H47 2003
  • Orchestral Techniques for Flute and Piccolo: An Audition Guide, by Walfrid Kujala
    MT346 .K85 2006
  • Bel Canto Flute: The Rampal School
    MT342 .C64 2003
  • Circular Breathing for the Flutist, by Robert Dick
    MT342 .D496 1987
  • The Other Flute: A Performance Manual of
    Contemporary Techniques, by Robert Dick
     MT340 .D52 O8 1975
  • The Complete Piccolo: A Comprehensive Guide to Fingerings,
    Repertoire and History, edited by Jan Gippo
  • ML935 .G57 2009


May, 2019


Clarinet article in Grove Music Online (log in required from off campus)

Books (Subject Search: Clarinet)

Technique (Subject Search: Clarinet--Instruction and Study)

Bass Clarinet

Online Resources

May, 2019


Saxophone article in the Grove Music Online (Log-in required from off-campus)

Saxophone article in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music (Log-in required from off-campus)

Books About the Saxophone

Playing the Saxophone (Subject Search: Saxophone -- Instruction and Study)

  • The Saxophone Handbook: A Complete Guide to Tone, Technique, 
    Performance, & Maintenance, by Douglas Skinner
    MT500 .S628 2013
  • How to Play Saxophone, by John Brown
    MT500 .B76 1994
  • Saxophone Sound Effects: Circular Breathing, Multiphonics, Altissimo Register Playing, and Much More! by Ueli Dðrig
    MT505 .D67 2012
  • Preparatory Method for Saxophone, vol. 1, by George Wolfe
    MT505 .W65 P7 1986

Saxophone Repertoire

  • 150 Years of Music for Saxophone, by Jean-Marie Londeix
    ML128 .S247 L64 1994 (Music Collection Reference)

Jazz Saxophone

John Coltrane (Subject Search: Coltrane, John, 1926-1967)

Charlie Parker:  

Randy Brecker:

Sonny Rollins:

May, 2019


"Bassoon" article in Grove Music Online, by WIlliam Waterhouse. (Log-in required from off-campus)

Books about the Bassoon

Bassoon Repertoire

  • Music for Unaccompanied Solo on: An Annotated Bibliography, by John Beebe
    ML128 .B26 B43 (Music Collection Reference)
  • The Paris Conservatoire and the Contest Solos for Bassoon
    ML128 .B26 F6 1988

Bassoon Reed Making

  • Bassoon Red Making: A Pedagogic History, by Christin Schillinger
    ML951 .S35 2016
  • Bassoon Reed Making Including Bassoon Repair, Maintenance, and
    Adjustment, and an Approach to Bassoon Playing
     ML951 .P66

Bassoon Technique
(Subject Search:  Bassoon--Study and Teaching or Bassoon--Methods)

  • The Art of Bassoon Playing, 2nd ed., by William Spencer
    MT400 .S74 1969
  • Essentials of Bassoon Technique, by Lewis Hugh Cooper and Howard Toplansky
    MT400 .C66 1968
  • Primary Handbook for Bassoon, by Richard Polonchak
    MT402 .P64 P71

May, 2019

Historical Woodwind Instruments

Selected Books

  • 4900 Historical Woodwind Instruments: An Inventory of
    200 Makers in Internaitonal Collections, by Phillip Young
    ML931 .Y68 1993
  • From Renaissance to Baroque: Change in Instruments and
    Instrumental Music in the Seventeenth Century, by the National
    Early Music Association Conference
    ML467 .N18 2005
  • Baroque Woodwind Instruments: A Guide to their History, Repertoire, and
    Basic Technique, by Paul Carroll
    ML931 .C37 1999


  • The Flute: A Study of Its History, Development and
    Construction, by Philip Bate
    ML935 .B25
  • On Playing the Flute, by Johann Quantz, trans. Reilly, 2nd ed.
    MT342 .Q313 2001
  • Michel Corrette and Flute-Playing in the Eighteenth Century, by Carol Reglin Farrar
    MT342 .C813
  • The Keyed Flute, by Johann Tromlitz, tran. Ardal Powell
    MT342 .T7313 1996


  • The Oboe, by Geoffrey Burgess and Bruce Haynes
    ML940 .B87 2004
  • The Oboe: An Outline of its History, Development, and
    Construction, 3rd ed. by Philip Bate
    ML940 .B37 1975



  • Recorder article from Grove Music Online
  • American Recorder Society site
  • Recorder Technique, by Anthony Rowland-Jones
    MT340 .R67 1969

May, 2019

Woodwind Instruments to Check Out

The Educational Technology and Resources Collection has musical instruments
that you can check out.  

Didgeridoo (Australia):  UDC 4137

Zurna (Turkey): UDC 570