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Who's talking about this title?

Many journal article titles within OneSearch include two indicators regarding what kind of attention the title has received.  One is from the Web of Science, and one is from Altmetric.

The Web of Science link indicates how many times the article has been cited by other articles since it was published.  Clicking on the number will open the Web of Science database in another tab and retrieve records for the publications which have cited the article in question.

The multi-colored Altmetric badge shows the online attention and activity for that piece of research, collected from social media sites, newspapers, policy documents, blogs, Wikipedia, and many other sources.  Clicking on the badge will open an Altmetric page, specific to that title, providing a summary of the online attention the piece of research has received.  The number in the middle of the 'donut' is the Altmetric Attention Score; the score is derived "from an automated algorithm, and represents a weighted count of the amount of attention [Altmetric has] picked up for a research output."