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International Music

Resources for research and listening for folk and popular music from around the world.

Streaming Video on

Kanopy Streaming Films is a streaming video subscription service (log in required from off-campus)  You can search for a title or topic, and you can browse by subject.  Within the "Music" section, there are almost 600 films, categorized by theme.  Check out the films in "Documentaries," "Folk Music," "Latin Music," and "Ethnomusicology."


Recommended DVDs

JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance is a 30-DVD set divided by region and then country:

East Asia (5 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8561 

Southeast Asia (4 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8562 

South Asia (5 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8563  

Middle East & Africa (4 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8564   

Europe (3 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8565  

Soviet Union (2 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8566  

The Americas (2 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8567   

Oceania (2 DVDs plus guide):  DVD Video 8568


Some other DVDs about world musics:


  • Rhythms to Nirvana: An Introduction to Indian Classical Music  DVD Video 2750
  • Discovering the Music of Japan  DVD 5534
  • Performing Arts of China: Instruments and Music  DVD 5537
  • The Beauty of Traditional Korean Arts DVD VIdeo 2289
  • Discovering American Indian Music DVD Video 5536

The Middle East and Africa:

  • Dissonance and Harmony: Arabic Music Goes West DVD Video 5389
  • Discovering the Music of the Middle East  DVD Video 5539
  • War Dance (a film about the music of Ugandan war refugees) D VD Video 3910

The Americas:

  • Awake, My Soul: THe Story of the Sacred Harp  DVD VIdeo 4130
  • Beausoleil: Live from the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival  DVD Video 5272
  • Coyote's Journey  DVD VIdeo 7331
  • Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation  DVD Video 11886
  • Latin Music USA  DVD VIdeo 6667

Other Streaming Resources for Video

EVIA: The Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis digital archive hosted by Indiana University includes many ethnographic films, including performances and primary sources.

Folkstreams  includes many films about folk musicians and folk styles of the United States and the world.  Click to browse music films.(Ball State log in required)