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Guide to Jazz: Research and Information for scholars, performers, and listeners

How-To Books


Search for Jazz Instruction and Study as a subject, or click on the call numbers below:

  • How to Play Jazz and Improvise, by Jamey Aebersold
    MT 68 .J36 vol. 1
  • How to Play from a Fake Book, by Blake Neely
    MT 239 .N44 H6 1999
  • Complete Idiot's Guide to Solos and Improvisation
    MT 68 .M55 2004 
  • Jazz Improvisation, by John Meghan.
    MT 68 .M45 4 volumes
  • Major & Minor in Every Key: Learn to IMprovise Jazz, by Jamey Aebersold
    MT 68 .J36 and Compact Disc 20808 (Volume 24, parts 1 & 2)

For Pianists:

  • Berklee Jazz Keyboard Harmony: Using Upper-Structure Triads
    MT 239 .S54 B4 2015
  • Contemporary Jazz Piano (with CD), by Mark Harrison
  • MT239.H37 C6 2010
  • Dick Hyman's Century of Jazz Piano Transcribed!
    M20 .H96 D5 2012
  • Latin Jazz Piano: The Complete Guide with CD, by John Valerio
    MT239 .V35 L3 2010
  • Samba Hanon (piano exercises), by Peter Deneff
    MT239.D36 S36 2007

For Percussionists:

  • The Evolution of Jazz Drumming, by Danny Gottlieb
    MT662.2 .G68 2011
  • Progressive Independence, Jazz: A Comprehensive Guide to Basic Jazz Drumming Technique, by Ron Spagnardi
    MT 662.8 .S73 P7 2010
  • Rudimental Jazz: A Musical Application of Rudiments to the Drumset
    MT 772.3 .M67 R8 2010

For Guitarists:

  • Introduction to Jazz Guitar, by Jane Miller
    MT 588 .M55 I5 2015
  • The Jazz Guitar Handbook, by Rod Fogg
    MT 580 .F64 J39 2013
  • Jazz Guitar Improvisation (DVD) by the Musicians Institute
    DVD Video 3589
  • Jazz Improvisation for Guitar: A Harmonic Approach, by Garrison Fewell
    MT588.F49 J3 2010

For Bass Players:

  • The Improvisor's Bass Method (for acoustic or electric)
    MT599.B4 S54 1979

For Violinists:

  • Exploring Jazz Violin, by Chris Haigh
    MT 278 .H35 2010
  • Improvising Violin, by Julie Liebermann
    MT 262 .L54 1995

For Flute:

  • Exploring Jazz Flute, by Ollie Weston
    MT 342 .W47 E9 2009

For Vocalists

  • So You Want to Sing Jazz, by Jan Shapiro
    MT 868 .S43 2016