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Opera History and Literature

Specialized resources for research in opera.

Online via Ball State Libraries' Subscription

Ball State Libraries subscribes to an online streaming music service called Naxos Music Library.  (You may have to log in if you are off-campus)  Search by title, composer, performer, or aria on the main page, or make more specific choices in Advanced Search.  In the "Resources" section, you can find librettos of the most significant and most frequently performed operas.












Other Online Listening Resources

The following are sites that stream audio recordings of classical music:

The National Jukebox is a project of the Library of Congress.  Users can stream historical recordings from the Library of Congress's collection.  The jukebox's first recordings were from the Victor Talking Machine Company.

Iowa Quartet / Stradivari Quartet : The faculty string quartet of the University of Iowa from 1960 to 1996.  Performances include some world premieres as well as standard string quartet repertoire. is an ad-supported online streaming service that allows you to store up to 200 tracks in a personal playlist for free.  The main orientation is popular music.

OneSearch Tips for Finding Compact Discs

OneSearch is the Ball State Libraries' integrated discovery tool for books, articles, recordings, scores, and other library material.  It also indexes selected trustworthy online resources and incorporates subscription databases such as Academic Search Premier. On the Libraries' home page, you will see a simple search box:








OneSearch treats all words as keywords, and it treats numbers as keywords, too!  You can narrow down your results by using the facets listed to the left of the search results.  For compact discs owned by the Ball State Libraries, use the "Library Location" category, and select "Education, Music and Media Counter."  For "Content Type," select "Music Recording,"