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SWOT Analysis

Resources for doing SWOT analyses at Ball State University Libraries. You can access this guide directly by going to


Articles about your company can provide useful information which will help you identify strengths and weaknesses.  You might combine your company name with a weakness or even the keyword "strength." or "weakness." 

Note: If the text of the article is not available in the database, use MultiLink to see if the full text is available in another database, or in print here in the library.

Financial Information

You can use your company's financials to identify a strength or weakness by making a comparison to the industry norms.  Use the sources below to find your company's finances and compare them to the industry norm using the sources listed in the Industry Comparison box.  

Industry Comparison

Using the financial information you have found, compare it to the industry norm.  To make the comparison look up your company's SIC code or the NAICS code in the books below. 

Company Rankings

How a company ranks can be a strength or weakness.  The following sources provided rankings: