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Choral Music

Resources for conductors, composers, performers and listeners of music for groups of voices.

How to Find Music in Sets and Series

Multi-volume editions of music by a particular composer, from a particular country, or of a particular period or genre.   Some composers’ editions are incorporated into collections dedicated to a country or time period (monuments).  

Heyer, Harriet.  Historical Sets, Collected Editions, and Monuments of Music: A Guide to their Contents, 3rd ed., Chicago: American Library Association, 1980

         Volume 1 lists series and their contents.  Volume 2 is an index by composer.

         ML 113 .H52 1980 v. 1-2

Hill, George.  Collected Editions, Historical Series & Sets & Monuments of Music: A Bibliography

         Lists contents and indexes series in one alphabetical volume.

         ML 113 .H5 1997

Grove Music Online

         For most composers, the works list also serves as an index to the complete works editions.

Composers' Complete Works Editions

Note:  IMSLP hosts some of the earliest (pre-1923) complete works editions.  Click here for a list.  There are also some pieces from the series, Das Chorwerk.


  • Adam de La Halle:  M3 .A2 1872
  • Hildegard von Bingen:  M2.H62 B4
  • Dufay  Opera Omnia: M3 .D9 1951
  • Guillaume de Machaut  Musikalische Werke:  M3 .G8 1954
  • Landini  Complete Works: M3 .L26 1982
  • Perotin  The Works of Perotin:  M3 .P4 1970
  • de Vitry  Complete Works:  M3 .V68 1984


  • Agricola  Opera Omnia: M3 .A35 V.1-5
  • Arcadelt  Opera Omnia:  M3 .A72 1965
  • Antoine Brumel:  Collected Works M3 .B9 1969
  • Antoine Busnois: Collected Works M2 .M27 V.5
  • William Byrd Collected Works: M3.B99 F4 1962
  • The Byrd Edition: M3.B99 B7 1976
  • Antonio de Cabezón:  The Collected Works: M3 .C2
  • Nicolas Champion:  Collected Works:  M3 .C46
  • Clemens non Papa:  Opera Omnia  M3 .C6
  • Compère:  Opera omnia: M3 .C7
  • Crecquillon:  Crequillonis  Opera Omnia : M3 .C88
  • Fayrfax:  Collected Works:  M3 .F3 1959
  • Festa. Opera Omnia::  M3 .F4 1962
  • Gabrieli, G.  Opera Omnia:  M3 .G16 1956
  • Gesualdo Sämtliche Werk:e  M3 .G35
  • Giulani  The Complete Works in Facsimiles:  M3 .G48
  • Gombert Opera Omnia: M3 .G6 1951
  • Goudimel  Oeuvres complètes:  M3 .G68 1967
  • Isaac  Opera Omnia: M3 .I8 1974
  • Jachet of Mantua Opera Omnia:  M3 .J17
  • Josquin  Werken:  M3 .D4
  • New Josquin edition: M3 .J67 1991
  • Jacob Obrecht Werken: M3 .O27X 1968
  • Lechner  Werke:  M3 .L53
  • Manchicourt  Opera Omnia:  M3 .M165
  • Philippe de Monte Complete Works:  M3 .M58x
  • Monteverdi  Tutte le opere di Claudio Monteverdi:  M3 .M6 1926
  • Monteverdi  Opera Omnia: M3 .M6 1970
  • Morales, Cristobal: M3 .M4845 v. 13 (part of Monumentos de la Música Hispañola)
  • Mouton:  Opera Omnia M3 .M68
  • Obrecht:  New Obrecht Edition M3 .O27 1983
  • Obrecht:  Werken  M3 .O27x 1968
  • Ockeghem:  Collected Works  M3 .O33 1959
  • Orlando di Lasso:  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .L36 1956
  • Orlando di Lasso:  Sämtliche Werke, 2nd edition  M3 .L36 1968
  • Palestrina:  Le Opere Complete  M3 .P35 C3 1939
  • Palestrina: Opera omnia Ionnis Petraloysii Praenestini (IMSLP 19th-century edition)
  • Pipelare: Opera Omnia M3 .P56 1966
  • Richafort:  Opera Omnia  M3 .R52 1979
  • Praetorius:  Gesamtausgabe der Musikalischen Werke  M3 .P73 1960
  • Regis:  Opera Omnia  M3.R43 L5
  • Rener:  Gesamtausgabe  M3 .R45 1964
  • Roussel:  Opera Omnia  M3 .R68
  • Cipriano de Rore:  Opera Omnia  M3 .R65
  • Schein: Sämtliche Werke (IMSLP)
  • Senfl:  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .S45
  • Sermisy:  Opera Omnia  M3 .S47
  • Sweelinck:  Werken  M3 .S967 1894a
  • Tomás Luis de Victoria:  M2 .M4845 V.25 - 31
  • Tomás Luis de Victoria:  Opera Omnia (reprint of early 20th century edition)  M3 .V67 1965
  • Verdelot:  Complete Works  M3 .V47
  • Walter:  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .W3
  • Giaches de Wert:  Collected Works M3 .W45
  • Willaert:  Opera Omnia  M3 .W6 1950


  • Bach:  Neue Bach Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke M3 .B23 1954
  • Böhm  Sämtlische Werke M3 .B74
  • Charpentier  Oeuvres complètes  M3 .C47
  • Corelli Historisch-kritische Gesamtausgabe der musikalischen Werke   M2 .C75 1976 
  • Couperin, F. Oeuvress complètes de François Couperin M3 .C856 1980
  • Frescobaldi: Opere Complete   M3 .F747 1976
  • Fux  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .F97
  • Handel  Works of George Frederic Handel  (reprint edition)  M3 .H13 1965
  • Handel: Hallische Händel-Ausgabe M3 .H26 1955
  • Lully: Œuvres complètes (partial holdings) M3 .L925 2001
  • Merula  Opere complete  M3 .M4784
  • Monteverdi: Opera Omnia M3 .M6 1970
  • Pergolesi  Complete Works M3 .P38
  • Purcell: The Works of Henry Purcell M3 .P94 (Oversized)
  • Rameau  Oeuvres complètes  M3 .R144 1968
  • Rameau: Opera Omnia:  M3 .R144 1996
  • Scarlatti, D. Complete Works for Harpsichord M22 .S28 L6
  • Scheidt  Werke  M3 .S28
  • Schein: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke M3 .S323 1963
  • Schütz: Sämtlicher Werke (IMSLP, partial contents)
  • Schütz: Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke M3 .S394
  • Schütz  Stuttgarter Schütz-Ausgabe  M3 .S394 1971
  • Telemann: Musikalische Werke M3 .T4
  • Vivaldi: Opere  M3 .V69


  • Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel: The Complete Works M3 .B15 2005
  • Beethoven: Complete Edition of his Works (reprint of 19th Century edition)   M3 .B44 K3
  • Beethoven:  Werke (modern edition) M3 .B44
  • Billings  The Complete Works of William Billings M3 .B656 V.1 - 4
  • Boccherini.  Le Opere Complete M3 .B72
  • Gluck Sämtliche Werke  M3 .G58
  • Handel: Hallische Händel-Ausgabe M3 .H26 1955
  • Haydn, F.:  Kritische Gesamtausgabe M3 .H46 H4
  • Mendelssohn  Werke. Kritisch durchgesehene  M3 .M235 1967
  • Mozart  Werke (reprint of 19th Century edition)  M3 .M69 1877a
  • Mozart, W. Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke M3 .M69 1955
  • Schubert Sämtliche Werke (IMSLP)
  • Schubert  Complete Works M3 .S3842 (reprint edition)
  • Schubert Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke  M3 .S3842 1964

19th Century:

  • Beethoven:  Complete Edition of all his Works (Reprint of 19th-century edition) M3 .B44 K3
  • Berlioz:  New Edition of the Complete Works  M3 .B52
  • Berwald  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .B3 B5
  • Brahms  Sämtliche Werke  (Reprint of 19th-century edition) M3 .B8 1926a
  • Brahms  Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke  M3 .B8 1996
  • Bruckner  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .B8844 1951
  • Chopin  Complete Works  M3 .C48
  • Donizetti  Collected Works M3 .D68
  • Grieg Samlede verker  M3 .G75
  • Janáček  Complete Critical Edition  M3 .J36
  • Liszt  Musikalische Werke (Reprint of 19th-century edition)  M3 .L77 1966
  • Liszt  Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke  M3 .L772
  • Mahler  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .M157
  • Mussorgsky  Complete Works  M3 .M87
  • Paganini  Edizione nazionale delle opere  M3 .P34
  • Reger  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .R4
  • Rossini  Edizione critica delle Opere di Giochino Rossini  M3 .R677
  • Rimsky-Korsakov  The Complete Works of Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov  M3 .R56 1979
  • Schubert Complete Works (Reprint of 19th-century edition)  M3 .S3842
  • Schubert  Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke M3 .S3842 1964
  • Schumann  Werke (reprint of 19th-century edition)  M3 .S3925 1969
  • Schumann, Robert  Neue Ausgabe sämtlicher Werke  M3 .S3925 1991
  • Strauss, J.  Gesamtausgabe  M3 .S89
  • Tchaikovsky  Complete Works  M3 .C4
  • Verdi  The Works of Giuseppe Verdi  M3 .V48 (Oversized)
  • Wagner  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .W23  (Oversized)
  • Weber  Musickalische Werke  M3 .W4
  • Wolf  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .W7 1960

20th Century:

  • Berg  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .B5 1984
  • Debussy  Oeuvres complètes  M3 .D32 1985
  • Elgar  Elgar Complete Edition M3 .E65
  • Hindemith  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .H62 F6
  • Janáček  Complete Critical Edition  M3 .J36
  • Khachaturi͡an  Collected Works M3 .K53
  • Mahler Sämtliche Werke M3 .M157
  • Nielsen  Works  M3 .N535 1998
  • Prokofiev  Collected Works M3 .P89
  • Schoenberg  Sämtliche Werke  M3 .S36
  • Shostakovich  Collected Works  M3 .S56
  • Sibelius  Complete Works  M3 .S58
  • Weill  The Kurt Weill Edition M3 .W44 1996