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HONR 199, Dr. Bosworth, Spring 2020

This guide provides links to library resources useful for researching the emergence of the automobile, and was created for students in Dr. Amy Bosworth's Honors 199 class in Spring 2020.

Electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc.

OneSearch, on the University Libraries' homepage, provides access to electronic reference materials - resources like encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, etc. To find them, choose some search terms relevant to your topic or research question, and enter them in the OneSearch box. 

Among the filters on the left side of the results page, click the "full text online" filter under "refine your search." Then click "more" beneath "content type." 

A new panel will open listing a number of different formats, or kinds of information resources, in alphabetical order. Find and click "reference," then click the "apply" button above the list at the top of the panel. 

The titles you see on your list of results will be article-level; that is, they will be the titles of individual entries within electronic encyclopedias, dictionaries, and similar resources. Just below the title (and sometimes the author of the entry), you will find the title of encyclopedia or other reference resource that includes the entry. Click the title of the article/entry to find its full text.