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EDEL 200 Activity Plan Resources

Getting Started

Indiana Academic Standards

Search Tips

  • Use OneSearch to find children's books, games, toys, and manipulatives for active learning and student engagement.
  • Use the facets on the left of the OneSearch results screen to focus your search to educational resources
  • Content type filter for realia
  • Location filter for youth books, curriculum guides, textbooks

Teaching on Zoom

All of these apps have an option for a free account and all are useful for teaching online. 

Life Cycles, Insects, and Plants

Suggested Keywords: life cycle, butterflies, spiders, plants, insects. life cycle

Math Facts and Measurement

Suggested Keywords: math, measurement, length, addition, subtraction, counting, number sense


Suggested Keywords: reading, fiction, non-fiction, comprehension, spelling, words, nouns, verbs, parts of speech

Citizenship and National Symbols

Suggested Keywords: citizenship, national symbols, Pledge of Allegiance

Maps and Geography

Suggested Keywords: maps, map reading, cardinal directions, geography

Non-fiction Books about Maps and Map Reading

Fiction Books for Teaching about Maps

Realia about Maps and Map Reading