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Various pysch resources at BSU libraries. You can access this guide directly by going to

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Jennifer Sebai
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About this Guide

Use this guide to find library resources in the field of Psychology. Use the left side navigation on this page to locate more information and recommended resources.



Human brain, Denoyer-Geppert, 1986. Image source: Anatomical Models Collection, Digital Media Repository

CardCat sample searches for Psychology

CardCat is Ball State's catalog of library materials. Use CardCat to find books and other materials related to psychology. Here are some example searches you can do in CardCat:

Sample Search #1
Type Child Psychology or type Psychoanalysis in the search box

  1. Select the Begins with... radio button above the search box
  2. Select Subject from the drop-down menu

              Perform the Child Psychology search

              Perform the Psychoanalysis search


Sample Search #2
Type Psychological Aspects and Play or type Stress and (Job or Vocation) in the search box

  1. Select the Keyword radio button above the search box
  2. Select Words and Phrase from the drop-down menu

              Perform the Psychological Aspects and Play search

              Perform the Stress and (Job or Vocation) search